5 Reasons why ‘My Roommate is a Gumiho’ worth a watch!

Most fantasy dramas are nothing but a heavy dose of computer graphics, sugar-coated with too much of romantic moments and quite often lack a connect with 21st century sensibilities.

But the K-Drama ‘My Roommate is a Gumiho’ is way different than this general perception. Here are the X reasons that tell us why?

The Plot

For the uninitiated, Gumiho is a mythical nine-tailed fox who wishes to turn into human being. It has survived for a period of 999 years and with one more year it will turn into a human. But in its last year, a chance encounter threatens to take away this opportunity from him. Accidently, a bead, which the Gumiho has preserved for 999 years, is swallowed by 22-year old student. The Gumiho is hence forced to make her his roommate to keep the bead safe or else the student would die and so would be his chances to turn into a human. Hesitantly, she agrees, but then what follows next is the real drama.

The main characters

The entire story revolves around the lead pair of Jang Ki Yong who plays the Gumiho named Shin-woo-yeo and Lee Hyeri who plays the 22 year student named Lee Dam. Both actors are perfectly suited to the characters they play and after the first episode you will feel that the lead pair was actually written keeping their personalities in mind!

The chemistry between the two is amazing. Though the series is a romantic comedy, we felt that is has achieved a perfect balance. The romantic scenes are truly romantic and the comical ones are truly hilarious.

The lead pair comes with proven credentials. Jang Ki Yong has already appeared as the lead protagonist in Come and Hug Me, Kill It, Search: WWW and Born Again. On the other hand Lee Hyeri had already impressed us as the female lead in Reply 1988. When such characters come together, there is no reason why sparks won’t fly!

The supporting cast

The lead pair is well supported by three main supporting characters - Kang Han-Na as Yang Hye-Sun, Kim Do-Wan as Do Jae-Jin and Bae In-Hyuk as Gye Sun-Woo.

Kang Han-Na is a Gumiho turned human and is a good friend of Jang who now aspires to become human. Kang has already spent over 5 years as a human

Kim Do Wan is Lee Dam’s friend and always carries his heart up his sleeves ready to lose it at a moment’s notice. It is Kim who actually brings the lead pair together for the first time. But once he is introduced to Kang, he is behind her, trying to impress her. She knows this but attempt to pre-empt his every move. Their cat & mouse game creates loads of lighter moments in the entire series.

Bae In-Hyuk is the real cameo here. Bae is floured by Lee Dam, but she does not pay any attention to him for obvious reasons. When you see Bae’s character, your heart will shed a tear for him. But let us remind you, he is not someone who is always crying or attempting to win over Lee Dam, instead he has women running behind him and he seems to enjoy that.

Perfect moments

Don’t be under the impression that My Roommate is a Gumhio is a love-triangle. It is not! It is a romantic-comedy throughout which has some perfectly heart-warming as well as hilarious moments spread throughout.

The first time Lee sees Jang in his Gumiho avatar is absolutely hilarious. We can imagine what would happen to us when faced with a similar situation.

During their cohabitation period when Lee teaches Jang the meaning of being patient and how to sacrifice things to keep someone happy is brilliant.

Almost all moments between the second lead Kang Han-Na and Kim Do-Wan are beautifully done too.

In-touch with 21st century sensibilities

Unlike other mythological characters in other K-Dramas, Jang is fully aware of modern sensibilities. He is polished, well dressed, well behaved and does not show any sign that his is a 999 year old Gumiho on the inside. Also, once Lee Dam knows the reality of the Gumiho, even she unknowingly falls in love with Jang and makes an attempt to save him from losing his reward of turning into a human.

The final verdict

If you like romantic comedies, then My Roommate is a Gumiho is made just for you. It is light where you want it and serious where you want it. Go ahead and watch it. we are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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