5 Quick Tips for Efficient Running

With marathons becoming more and more popular, people have been taking to running with much more enthusiasm than ever. Be it for the sake of losing a few pounds or just for the fun of it, running is a brilliant way to build your stamina, endurance and speed. That being said, there is more to running than just swinging your arms and legs.

Research shows that proper running form puts less stress on the body and decreases the risk of injuries, allowing runners to go longer, train harder and get faster. From posture and arm swings to foot strikes and stride turnover, seemingly minor adjustments can make all the difference when it comes to running form.

It is important to observe your posture as it directly affects your body. The forces applied on your body while running, if not applied in a calculative manner, can injure you permanently.

Here are five tips to keep in mind for evaluating and improving your running form:

1. Shorten Your Stride
Short, light steps is recommended as it decreases extension making you less prone to injuries. Aim to have your knee above your foot and your shin vertical as it touches the ground. If and when you find the need to increase your speed, increase your turnover and focus on moving the legs from the hips rather than reaching forward with the foot.

2. Run Tall
While running, remember to stay upright (imagine the top of your head touching the sky) with a slight forward lean to help propel the body forward. Keep a check on your posture thoughts the run. A tall posture will definitely give you a boost of confidence.

3. Move Forward
Remember to keep your eyes forward.  Picture your body split down the middle. The movements of each side shouldn’t cross the middle line.

4. Stay Relaxed
It is very important to stay relaxed while running. Do not tense up your arms or legs. Keep your running as natural as possible.

5. Do not Strike too Hard
Use your mid foot section while running and avoid huge heel or foot strikes while keeping the rhythm on.

-Devashree Goenka