5 Must Haves While Travelling

Some of us like to travel with as little as luggage possible, while few of us, don’t mind carrying a big suitcase with lots of luggage filled in. whichever category you may belong to, there are few essentials that each of you must carry while travelling. Below given is a list of 5 must haves in your suitcases.
1.    Travel documents
There are some important documents that you must carry along with you. These documents will vary based on your trip. If it is local, you might not need lot of documents, but if you are travelling international, your passport, proof of identity etc. is a must.
2.    Some handy/emergency cash
This cash could either be physically with you, or you could simply choose to deposit some extra amount in your bank, and carry the debit/credit card along with you.
3.    Print outs of travel related stuff
It is always better to carry information pertaining to your travel in papers. Information relating to your hotel, a map for directions, all these always come in use, and avoid any kind of delay in the trip – be it a business trip or a holiday. Also, carry print outs of any online bookings or payments to avoid any chaos during the trip.
4.    A small first aid kit

You might not feel the need of this, but you never know when you might need a medical aid. Ensure that you keep all first aid basics in this box – Dettol, cotton, band aids, and basic tablets for fever, common cold, headache, body pains etc.  (Keep such illness in mind that may arise due to exertion). Based on your health conditions, few more medicines can be added.
5.    Local emergency contacts
Be it a business trip or a holiday, ensure that you find out certain local emergency contacts and store them in your cell phone. If you have relatives or friends staying in that place, carry their numbers and address along too.
These will not occupy a lot of space in your bag and will keep you safe in all kinds of situations. Carry them with you, and have a peaceful trip!

..... Devashree Goenka