5 Must Have Interior Designing Books In Your Home Library

A home library is a cool idea. But it a library is always incomplete if you don’t have in it books related to interiors.  There are various magazines and books on interior décor that have lot of simple and unique ideas for house interiors that will never fade away. So, if you are looking for a change in the interiors of your house, all you have to is walk in to your house library and pick up one of these books, read them and grab some cool ideas –
Book #1: Downtown Chic
The name itself is a giveaway, as this book contains some really interesting ideas for a subtle look for you house. The author of this book seems to love art and has suggested some simple yet unique ideas for a house décor.
Book #2: Creating a home, by Kathryn Ireland
This book and author clearly knows the right mix and match of colours and textures. Her book suggests lot of tips, and new ideas to keep your house welcoming, by suggesting soothing colours and contrasting textures for walls.
Book #3: American Modern
This book is written by Thomas O Berian. This is the perfect boo that you must pick up if you are looking to blend some vintage look with modern techniques. He has lot of ideas and suggestions to make the perfect blend of old and modern interior décor.
Book #4: Domino
If you are looking for some ideas on decoration apart from just change in decors, then this is just the perfect book for it. This book has mesmerizing ideas which are simple to implement and will not even cost a bomb in your pocket.
Book #5: The Selby is in your place
Do not trust one single author and book? Then you must read this book which contains ideas, suggestions and tips from various design gurus and experts. Based on this book, there is a website too with live interactions happening.
So, make sure you do have these books in your house library. Invest in them and get house makeovers as and when you like.