5 Must Have Gadgets for Your Smart Home

It takes quite some time if one wants to make a smart home. Automating your home is as it sounds –from controlling temperature, lighting conditions to opening your curtains and doors just at the command of one’s voice or press of a switch. Here’s a list of five must have gadgets to make your home a smart home!

AI Assistant (Alexa Echo/Google Nest)
AI Assistant is one of the must buy to make a smart home. The assistant is able to recognize your voice and act based on your voice commands. It does take some time to setup everything, but it is worth the wait to become a bit smarter. It can pair up lights, temperature controllers, smart plugs, television, etc. Once connected, these devices will work at the command of a person’s voice. Isn’t that a blessing!

Smart Plugs
Smart plugs allow anyone to monitor their energy usage. They can pair up with any Android/IoS devices or work with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Smart plugs come with a USB charger and can be switched on/off by using voice commands on our assistant.

Smart Lock and Security System:
They come in a combination of security cameras, smart bells and locks. This helps you remove the hassle of going to the door to open for a friendly face or worry of robbery. Locks can be unlocked from your phone, fingerprint or manually. While the camera integrates to check for motion activity and alerts the owner of people outside their home using smart bells.

Smart Light
With smart lights, one has the power to adjust light brightness and colours to set the mood using their cell phone or voice. Smart bulbs connect over wifi with your phone or using AI Assistants.

Smart Thermostat
They help in controlling room temperature and ventilations. They automatically detect the room environment and based on requirements set the conditions. Additionally, they can be controlled using Alexa or Google nest Voice commands.        Pic Courtesy: pexels.com