5 Morning Essentials

“Alarm Rings!!” And it is time to wake up. What do you do? Begin your day in a hurried manner. You end up knocking over lamps, stubbing your toe to the leg of your bed, playing frenzy over your misplaced wallet, so on and so forth. In all this mayhem, you seem to forget the fact that you can change the rest of your day with few ‘checks’ in the morning. Here are 5 morning essentials you ought to follow to earn yourself a better day.
1.    Morning Rays
Are you one of them who hop out of bed, hit the showers, grab your breakfast and rush to your workplace? Congratulations on winning a lousy day with yourself. It is imperative to spend 20 to 30 minutes of your mornings in the sun which if missed constantly, can mess up with your body mass index. Exposure to natural light in the morning hours is essential in setting your body clock and regulating your energy level, appetite and metabolism.

2.    Hydrating fluids
Hydrate yourself with ample amounts of fluids as soon as you wake up to keep yourself energised, giving you strength, speed and stamina for your workouts later. Start the day with having at least 3 cups of water.

3.    Eat before you Beat
Working on an empty stomach not only drains out your energy faster, but the body starts losing its muscle content. Eat a balanced diet including proteins and carbohydrates to keep your brain sharp and focused through the day.

4.    Do not skip your Protein
You might eat a wholesome breakfast consisting of oats or cereal with milk and fruits, skipping out on protein. This keeps you full and going for a while. As the body uses only so much protein at a time to repair muscle, it is widely suggested to space out your protein intake at 30 grams of protein per meal, through the day, maximizing your body’s ability to use it to build healthier muscle.

5.    Traffic Woes
Making your experience of riding to work a nightmare for yourself only ruins your day. Keep your calm in any traffic situation to spend a pleasant day at work.