5 Luxurious Residences Owned by the British Royal Family

The royal family of England owns insanely beautiful properties all over the United Kingdom. While everyone is aware of Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were married, and Buckingham Palace, Queen’s official and main royal London home, there are other lesser known ones too. We bring you a list of 5 most luxurious residences owned by the Royal Family of England, which includes residences covering over 19,000 acres and monumental memories.

Sandringham House in Norfolk, England
Sandringham House in Norfolk, England, was inherited by Queen Elizabeth from her father in 1952. While this is an entirely private residence, it is where the royals celebrate Christmas every year. On the other hand, the property is said to be an 8000 hectare-estate, which is equivalent to around 19,000 acres. Located in the village of Sandringham - a three-hour drive from London, the estate spans over 13 towns in Norfolk and is also home to York Cottage and Anmer Hall. Sandringham House is estimated to be worth £48.5 million.

Fun fact, there is a protocol, which dictates the royals can only bring their spouses have every year. But Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke that protocol when they attended the 2017 Christmas festivities, when they were only engaged.

Kensington Palace in London, England
Main residence to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Kensington Palace- has 547 rooms divided into apartments and offices. Prince William and Kate Middleton live in Apartment 1A with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, and it is not your usual apartment. 1A is a massive four-storey apartment with 20 rooms, including three main bedrooms, dressing rooms, staff quarters, day and night nurseries, and enough space for five reception rooms. In 2014, the renovations made to 1A were said to cost nearly $7 million. The apartment was previously home to Princess Margaret.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, were also residents at Kensington Palace until they moved out in the Spring of 2019. The Palace is also home to Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank at Ivy Cottage, while Prince and Princess Michael of Kent reside in Apartment 10.

Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
While Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Queen, Her Majesty prefers to spend her summers at Balmoral Castle, the royal family’s vacation home. The castle is spread across 50,000 acres with 150 buildings in total and 52 bedrooms. In the documentary,  Our Queen At Ninety, Princess Eugenie mentioned that it’s the most beautiful place in the world. She was also quoted saying, “I think Granny is the happiest there. I think she really, really loves the Highlands.”

While the vacation home sure does sound and look beautiful, it is also home to some monumental memories. Balmoral Castle is where Prince Charles and Princess Diana had visited for their honeymoon. It is also the place where Prince William and Prince Harry heard the unfortunate news that their mother, Princess Diana, had passed.

Clarence House in London, England
Home of the late Queen Mother, Clarence House is now the official residence to the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Clarence House is also where Queen Elizabeth herself had lived with Prince Philip, back in 1947, the year they got married. This is also where Princess Anne was born before she was moved to Buckingham Palace with the Queen.

Close to Clarence House is also St. James’s Palace which holds monumental memories. The most important and memorable ones were Kate Middleton and Prince William announcing their engagement in 2010 and the christening of their son, Prince George, in 2013.

Anmer Hall in Norfolk, England
Second-home to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Anmer Hall, located in Norfolk, England, is present on the Sandringham Estate. Prince William and Kate Middleton were gifted the Georgian property by the Queen after their wedding. The couple had moved there full time after the birth of Princess Charlotte. The three-storey residence features a swimming pool, tennis court and 10 bedrooms.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had initially moved back to Apartment 1A in the Kensington Palace after the first coronavirus lockdown period, with their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. The family has now resumed living at their residence in Anmer Hall in Norfolk.      - Nishitha Rachel

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