5 Hidden Gems of BTS!

Unless you have been living under a rock, it is likely that you have heard of BTS. Last year alone, the seven-member K-pop band released more than 40 tracks, held online concerts, and broke many records, including YouTube’s 24-hour music debut record with their single ‘Dynamite,’ amassing a staggering 101.1 million views.

However, songs by the global phenomenon don’t always fit on the best of, sometimes it gets overlooked on setlists, other times lack of promotions and marketing lead to slow sales, but it still ends up being a secret favourite for a lot of fans… Here are five sweet surprises that you’ll be obsessed with heading into 2021.

Honestly, everything by Kim Nam-Joon is completely underrated and should be on your list. His songwriting abilities are incredible and I have no idea why this masterpiece hasn’t picked up! And, my dear, Younha, you have one of the most soulful voices I have ever heard. The song talks about mental health, struggle, self-abasement, and finding the source of comfort. With lyrics like “They say life is full of paradox; All you gotta do is gettin’ used to this marathon; “Do you think the world is harsh on you only? Everyone has it hard,” how can you not just fall apart and love this song and yourself? It’s beyond beautiful and pulled from a deep part of the soul, making it my favourite song on the list

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This song is as soft and relaxed as it is raw and emotional. And TBH it really deserves more credit than it gets. Out of the seven, Jin has been a little more loud and fast-paced, but ‘Abyss’ is a breath of fresh air. The eldest Hyung of the group dropped the track hours before his 28th birthday as his present to his fans. Over piano and an acoustic instrumental, Seokjin describes the ballad as a feeling of fading away and burning out like a black hole. It’s one of my personal favourites of his, but it feels like no one’s listening to it.

Do yourself a favour and do not sleep on this underrated song. When I listen to ‘Sea,’ I see myself relaxing on a beach and reminiscing about all those trials and hardships I have faced in life. The track discusses BTS's challenges since their debut, particularly struggling to compete with larger agencies groups. It’s a breathtaking and wholesome song with a moving melody that makes you think of the good in life. The second hidden track on BTS’ fifth mini-album, Love Yourself: Her, was composed by RM in October 2016. Parts of the track were altered when it was changed to be a BTS release.

Another favourite of mine from their fifth studio album Love Yourself: Her, the Pied Piper, is a metaphor to describe the relationship between the band and ARMY (their fans). The number is honest, lively, and full of emotions. When Jimin and Jungkook sing “I’m here to save you, I’m here to ruin you”… ouch. A touch more introspective to what we’re used to from the Bangtan, this track needs your attention a bit more.

An often-overlooked track from the massive Map of the Soul:7 album, Louder than Bombs is basically about fighting the bad days and hope for better ones. It’s sweet, refreshing, motivating and most people completely missed the release. According to the members, the song symbolizes the loudness of bombs to two things: success and pain. BTS didn’t release an official MV for this song, so enjoy this fan-made!

DDaeng - RM, Suga and J-Hope
Fans obviously know this hip hop song, but it is — hands down — my favourite song by them. The creative wordplay takes the diss track to the next level and a mention on our list, too!    – Anisha