5 Flavours for your Perfect Cup of Joe

Coffee lovers can’t start their day without the daily caffeine fix. A cup of good warm coffee in the day can really uplift your day. There are different types of flavours and each one of them satiates the soul in its own way. Read ahead and thank us later!

The sweetness of caramel enhances the acidity of the coffee. It has a bold creamy flavour and goes great with salted cookies. If you add an additional shot of espresso to your cup, it enhances the flavour.

It originates from sub-Saharan and central Africa. The roasted version has oatmeal like taste and it’s neither harsh nor mild. When it is unroasted it tastes like dry peanuts. It has higher amount of caffeine than most coffee.

French Vanilla
It is one of the most delectable flavours of coffee. It is made of light roasted coffee beans and can be paired with different flavours like caramel, vanilla, and a lot more to create the perfect macchiato, frappuccino or even black coffee.

Hazelnut is popular amongst dessert lovers. It has a mild nutty and sweet flavour. It is one of the most underrated coffee flavours in the market. It provides you with a mild and smooth drinking experience.

It is one of the most popular flavours of coffee across the globe. It contains 60% more lipids and almost twice the amount of sugar. When unroasted, the Arabica coffee smells like blueberry, when it’s roasted it turns out to be a mix of flower and fruits.     

– Pic Courtesy: Pexels.com