5 Benefits of Mint Leaves (Pudina)

Did you know that including mint leaves in your diet do not just elevate the taste of your food but also benefits your health? With the onset of summer, we bring to you the remarkable properties of refreshing Pudina leaves. Read ahead.

Improves Digestion
The antioxidants and phytonutrients present in mint help in the digestion process. It is beneficial for people who often complain of acidity, bowel problems, stomach aches, and other similar health issues.  

Eases Stress and Depression
We often see people using aroma therapy to cure stress and depression. Something counsellors and therapists too recommend the same. In such a case, mint leaves could save your day. It is said that the aroma of mint leaves could be used to ease stress and depression.

Helps in Weight loss
Post pandemic a lot of people have been complaining about weight gain because of the lack of physical activities. Have a cup of mint tea every day, this will improve your metabolism and promote weight loss.

Acts as immunity booster
Another super-power of mint leaves that is one of the most important ones, especially in the times of Coronavirus, where we all need to keep a check on our immunity. Mint leaves are a whole package of vitamins and antioxidants which improve the immunity.

Oral Hygiene
Chewing mint leaves not just give you a fresh breath, but also kills the bacteria to help you have stronger teeth and healthier gums.  

Pic Courtesy: Pexels.com