4 Ways Yoga Gives You Better Skin

Yoga has more health benefits than you know. Apart from being the best exercises in the world, it also has individual benefits for each part of your body, including your skin! Yes, that is right, your skin. Find out below, how yoga helps you get good skin!

Wrinkle-free skin: Yoga helps in tightening and smoothening the skin. It tones facial muscles, gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines by increasing blood circulation and reducing stress.

Acne-free skin: Acne is also one of the symptoms of excessive stress among others. Yoga improves digestion and breathing, removes toxins from the body and initiates proper blood circulation, thereby clearing your acne.

Dark circles: Acute stress, lack of sleep and ill health lead to dark circles. Practising yoga improves the sleep cycle and stress.

Dullness: Some yoga asanas increase blood flow and boost oxygen levels, thereby reducing dullness and puffiness, letting your skin looking younger and brighter.

Pic courtesy: Pixabay