4 Superfoods To Combat Dry Skin

One of the biggest concerns that most people have with the changing weather and the seasons is dry and itchy skin.  Without proper care, your skin may look dull not only during winters but even in summers. However, many of you may reply on herbal remedies and moisturizing creams for hydrating your skin, but one of the best ways to combat dry skin is by taking proper nutritious diet.

Skin health is not just what you put onto your skin, rather is it about what your skin gets from inside too. In this article, let us look at a few best foods for keeping your skin youthful and glowing within no time.

1. Avocados- Avocados are not only healthy for your body but they also help in moisturizing your skin. This amazing fruit is loaded with Vitamin E, antioxidants and also monounsaturated fats. All of these essential vitamins and minerals in avocados surely go an extra mile in giving your skin that extra dose of nourishment.

2. Nuts- Nuts play an essential role nourishing and leaving you with a younger looking skin. Almonds, walnuts, cashews, pistachios, raisins, and whole bunch of other nuts and seeds protect your skin from free radicals. Start making a habit of incorporating just a handful of them into your diet to notice a significant change in the way your skin looks.

3. Water- Drinking plenty of water on a regular basis is the best way to stay healthy not just internally but also externally. Water prevents signs of aging, hydrates skin cells and improves blood circulation.

4. Banana- Bananas are an amazing food for skin. They are rich in riboflavin, thiamin, vitamins A, C, and B. They are one of the best sources of foods that combat anti-aging signs and also help in moisturizing your skin. Bananas flush out toxins, thereby rejuvenating skin cells.         - Akhila Kakarala  and Pic Courtesy:pixabay.com