4 Simple Lifestyle Changes For Clear Skin

Battling acne? Before you jump into medication and other expensive practices, here are some simple lifestyle changes you can make to get rid of those stubborn zits!


Phones can cause acne as they touch our face the most and are one of the biggest carriers of bacteria, dirt and oil. So, make sure you wipe your phone clean with anti-bacterial wipes often.

Make-Up Brushes:

If you apply make-up every day using brushes then you have to clean them regularly. Even though you are the only one using them, they still contain dirt and oil. To clean the brushes, use your face wash or body wash instead of the hand wash. So even if soap particles get embedded, it is only gentle soap touching your skin rather than the hand wash which is harsh and full of chemicals.

Hair Styling Products:

Be cautious while using hair styling products as items like dry shampoo and hairspray can cause pimples when they drip onto your skin.

Pillow Cover:

Change your pillow case once a week as the bacteria present in them can cause acne when it comes in contact with your skin.

Most importantly, do not touch your face often and wash your hands thoroughly before you apply or remove make-up.

-Nitasha Silesh
Pic courtesy: pixabay