The $35000 Nixie Machine Iii Is A New Timekeeping Marvel From Mb&F

Known for creating mesmerizing and unusual designs, the innovative Swiss luxury watch brand, MB & F has unveiled an incredible table clock, Nixie Machine III. This spectacular piece costs $35,000 and can be purchased exclusively from MAD. Galleries in Geneva, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Taipei.

This is the third and the final product developed in collaboration with the renowned German light object designer Frank Buchwald. The Nixie Machine III has about six Nixie tubes. Nixie, or Numeric Indicator eXperimental No. 1 tubes, are basically gas-filled glass tubes, with a wire-mesh anode and multiple cathodes, which look like numerals and symbols and would hypnotize anyone in their path. This innovative timepiece features two tiny legs at the rear and two big ones at the front. The nixie tubes are placed in such a way that it resembles a scorpion. The legs, plates and arm are all made out of stainless steel, which are contrasted by various brass elements. This timekeeping gadget comes with Wi-Fi technology.          - Web: