The 35-Year Single Malt Scotch from Macallan

Macallan recently unveiled a brand-new limited-edition single malt that was inspired by the Golden Age of Travel – a graceful period when the entire world was up for new and exciting adventures. Enclosed in a striking decanter that honours airships – the extensive creations of the 1930s – this luxurious single malt is their fifth and final release of the Golden Age of Travel series.

A novel collaboration with the radiant crystal makers, Lalique managed to design a delicate crystal decanter for this single malt. Etched with an exquisite airship, a stopper accompanies it in the style of a compass rose. Within this wonderful container, you’ll find the 35-year old single malt Scotch whisky, The Macallan 1940 -- which displays the quintessence of the bygone eras and takes you for an extraordinary voyage of the new era.

The elixir will be available entirely just through The Macallan Boutiques along with Global Travel Retail. If you want one of these beauties, you better hurry as Macallan has released just 48 bottles with The Air Ship, with only 46 of them available to customers, for a whopping $50,000.             - Web: