3 Summer Skin-Care Tips

Although summer brings many great things along with it, such as vacation from school and the freedom to walk out without a jacket on, it also has its down-sides such as the scorching sun. This can lead to many problems, most of all, it can be harmful to your skin. Lets take a look at some ways to keep your skin healthy this summer.

1. Avoid Peak Sun Hours –

Avoid the afternoon time when the sun is at its worst. The sun rays can be extremely harmful to your skin.

2. Stay Hydrated –

Water is your best friend in the summer. Drink as much water as you possibly. This will keep you refreshed and healthy, as well as help your skin maintain that summer glow!

3. Wear Sunscreen –

 You might not realize it, but sunscreen helps A LOT. It helps your skin from darkening because of the harsh sunlight and it also keeps it hydrated and moisturized through the day. It is the perfect cover. You must find at least an SPF 30!

Follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready for this summer!

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Pixabay.com