3 Summer Make-Up Tips

Summers here and everyone is excited! We’re back to sundresses and volleyball on the beach, but one downside of the season is the scorching hot sun. The hotter it gets, the more the chances are of one sweating all their make-up off. We’ve found some sure-shot ways to retain your make-up through the day. Keep reading for 3 summer beauty tips!

1. Exfoliate–

Exfoliating your face before any make-up look is extremely important, even when it isn’t summer! It’s an important process that will clean up all the dead skin sitting on your face and give you a fresh and clean base to work on. Trust us!

2. Lighten Your Routine–

Packing on a hoard of products is sure to leave your foundation looking caked onto your face. Decrease the amount of products you use on a regular basis and stick to the essentials such as concealer and compact for the skin.

3. Go Waterproof!–

The smudging make up is the worst part of summer and to avoid that one must shift to waterproof formulas that are wax based, resulting in more lasting look. You can even jump into the pool without having to worry about raccoon eyes!

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Pixabay.com