3 steps to make the best of your shopping rips

3 steps to make the best of your Shopping Trips

Shopping can be an instant stress-buster. It is also known to cause additional stress for once the emotions are sorted, and the realization dawns that there was nothing really to worry about, and probably those things which were hardly even needed were purchased in a frenzy. Might we dare say that the Sophie Kinsella novel Confessions of a Shopaholic should be a must-read for all shoppers all over the world. Having said that, when shopping is done mindfully, the joy of an expensive trip to the mall can last longer.

Never shop for food when you are hungry
It might be extremely difficult to squeeze out 2 leisure hours every week to replenish your refrigerator with fresh veggies and fruits as you would ideally like to. If you manage to visit the Supermarkets between work and dinner, make sure to first grab a bite and shush the “hunger monsters” in the gut. This is a sure shot way of protecting yourself from the tricks of the brain and to stay rational while making basic but important food-related decisions for the week to come. It is a good way to save money which you would have spent on pre-packaged bags of chips which you would rather spend on fresh greens!
Take pride in browsing
Sales personnel is typically trained to encourage a customer to purchase. This means they are watching the customers closely as they browse. Often times, it so happens, that the sales personnel will openly display their unhappiness when a customer simply browses, even tries it on, is clearly interested in the object but does not buy it immediately. Ignore those glares and take pride in browsing. Take your time to go through the shop, as per your comfort level. This will help you expand your understanding of what’s available, at what price, and which brand/shop is offering better quality. You can always complete the transaction with a payment the next day or the week, once you are sure in your heart, what exactly it is that you want!
Invest time on Lists!
Lists are highly underrated when it comes to shopping. Perhaps, it is because shopping is done on a daily basis, for several small reasons. It is perceived as part of the humdrum, nothing unusual about it. However, the simple practice of putting together a list of items to be shopped for, can really help you gauge what you really need and what you actually want. This does not lead to the elimination of “the wants”, it just distinguishes the two categories. Looking at your wishlist on paper, can also help you prioritize your shopping list, thus enabling you to engage your “shopping budget” wisely.

Pic Credit: Pixabay.com