3 reasons you should plan your weekend on a Monday

Tuning back in to work after a lovely weekend is indeed challenging. But remembering that working hard over the week pays off over the weekend if you plan ahead can change the way you approach your work week. You can thus, achieve a balance between your fun life of the weekend and your professional week, by making plans for the weekend, right at the beginning of the week — which is the dreaded Monday!

Here are 3 benefits of planning the weekend on Mondays:

Motivates you to work harder: When you have already placed a reward for yourself waiting for you at the end of the Work week, you enable yourself to stay focussed channeling your efforts towards meeting your deadlines so that nothing may disturb your weekend of fun!

Ensures a well-planned Weekend of Fun: When you start planning your weekend on Monday, you essentially gain control over how you would like to spend your weekend. You also give yourself many options to choose from, saving yourself from having to settle for best available options in the last-minute.

Keeps budget in control: When you already have a fun-packed weekend planned ahead of you, allocating a budget to it comes as the natural next step. This automatically puts other expenditures of the week in perspective, thus preventing impulsive exhaustion of your bank balance.

Hope you feel ready to make the best of your weekend and your work week!

PIC SOURCE: Pixabay.com