3 Reasons Why Strawberries are Great

Strawberries are arguably the cutest fruits around. Their little red bodies are extremely appealing and they taste as sweet as they look. Did you know that strawberries carry many health benefits when consumed in moderation? Take a look below for 3 reasons you should be including them in your diet.

1. Boosts Immunity–

Although they are tiny, strawberries are chock-full of vitamin C. Although most mammals produce their own vitamin C, humans aren’t as lucky, which makes it important to have your daily intake of it.

2. Maintains Vision–

Strawberries also hold antioxidant properties. This helps in battling an eye disease known as cataract, which is essentially clouding over the lens of the eye. It can result in blindness in the long run, which is why avoiding it is extremely important. They will keep your eyes protected from the suns harsh UV rays and help to strengthen the cornea and retina.

3. No Wrinkles!–

Once again, the power of the vitamin c present in strawberries saves the day. It is also useful for the production of collagen, which is known to improve elasticity of the skin. This reduces wrinkles which come with old age and gives one healthy and young looking skin.

-Rubaina Bilgrami
Picture Courtesy – Pixabay.com