3 Lessons from BTS

BTS, the seven-member Korean pop group has not only become a name in the music world no, but more so a phenomena. Billions and billions of people love the boy-band and connect to their music despite the language barrier. Why you ask? In an interview, one of the members, Jimin said, “We give energy to our audience and listeners, but we also draw energy from them.” You heard it right, that is the kind of connection BTS and their fans (popularly known as Army) share.

Having been introduced to BTS a few months back, I would completely understand if you are living under a rock and don’t know who they are. However, trust me when I say you need to rush and discover this amazing bunch of boys, right away!And it’s not just their music, but the kind of people they are, the energy they resonate, the love they have and many more reasons that would sway you away and make this world a much better place for you.

In this article, we bring three things that one needs to learn from BTS.

There’s no shortcut to success

This might sound cliché, but BTS is a living example of what we are talking about. It is really important to acknowledge this at the moment, as everyone is out there on social media watching the success story of people, but are not aware of the hardwork and struggle that goes behind it all.  It was no different for BTS; the boy-band debuted in 2013 under a small company known as Big Hit Entertainment. They went through a lot of criticism, failures, and mistreatment. However, with their hardwork and perseverance, they have earned the recognition, fame and love they have today.  From standing outside the Rose Bowl stadium and watching fireworks with twinkle in their eyes, to performing there themselves, and having fans surprise them by singing 'Young Forever' during London Wembley Stadium show, their journey is inspirational!

Own your imperfections

When you watch interviews and videos of the boy band, you’ll notice that only RM (the leader of the group) speaks fluent English. While sometimes the other six speak in Korean, often they are seen trying their English speaking skills on camera knowing that the video would go viral all over the world. Given their fame, they are not afraid of what people would think, or what people would say –they simply own it. This is a lesson that might come in handy, especially for us Indians, who often spend hours and hours thinking about “log kyakahengey” or “samaajkyasochega”.

Makeup and skincare is for everyone

How often do we see men practicing skincare regime or putting on makeup? And how comfortable are people with having such men around them? Not many. Boys, what you need to know here is that societal norms should not stop you from being yourself or taking care of yourself. Skincare and makeup is for everyone. Period.

Many times BTS has been seen wearing facemasks while talking to their fans, applying lip balm on stage and flaunting their makeup in several global appearances. They have been criticised and laughed at too by a certain section of society, but they are unapologetic about it and you should be too!                        –Srivalli