3 Face Packs To Beat That Tan!

With summer comes the scorching sun rays which can be extremely harmful for our sensitive skin. Being out in the sun can have many bad side effects on the skin such as tanning. Although there are many products available in the market to rid one of a tan, these products can be loaded with chemicals that can cause allergies and other such issues for the user. The best way has proven to be the good old natural way to get rid of a tan - home remedies. The fresh and natural ingredients will be safe on the skin while effectively removing the layer of tan on top of your skin. Not only that, these easy face packs will also nourish your skin with their added antioxidants and nutrients. Take a look at some easy concoctions that will bring back that glow!

Banana Face Pack:
Banana’s are wonder fruits known for their ability to moisturise our skin. It nourishes it with vitamins and minerals which are naturally present in them, while providing it with a beautiful glow that can only be achieved naturally. You can start by mashing up the banana into a smooth mixture which doesn’t contain any lumps. Then add milk and lemon juice, both of which contain bleaching properties. Apply the mixture in the areas affected and leave in for 15 minutes. You may then rinse the pack off your face with lukewarm water. Using this pack twice a week will ensure swift results.

Sugar, Lemon, and Glycerine Face Pack:
This simple face pack/scrub is going to prove extremely effective on your tan due to the involvement of lemon in the ingredients. It is known to be a strong bleaching agent which is going to lighten the skin in a short time. Put 1 table spoon of lemon juice in a bowl, then add 1 tablespoon of sugar, as well as 1/2 a teaspoon of glycerine. The sugar is going to help exfoliate dead skin, which will slowly rid you of the skin cells on top of the skin that have darkened, making way for your original skin to show through. This is why you must gently massage this mixture into your skin using gentle upward motions. This will also work to increase circulation in your face, resulting in healthier looking skin.  You can rinse this pack off your face after 3-4 minutes of continuous scrubbing. Use this on your face twice a week and see the results!

Yogurt and Honey Face Pack:
Yogurt is amazing for your tan as it contains naturally produced enzymes and acids. These are the real heroes when it comes to exfoliating the skin, which leads to the tan removal. It also cleans the skin and soothes it, calming redness which can be caused due to the sun rays. With the presence of honey, which fixes the skin damage which can be caused by UV rays, this simple pack will become a go-to remedy for you. Its simple - Just mix 2 tablespoons of plain yogurt with 1 teaspoon honey. Pack it onto your skin in a thick layer. Wash it off after fifteen minutes of sitting time. Repeat this every alternate day for the best results.      -Rubaina and Pic: Pixabay.com