15 Online Gems that Should Be On Your List!

The pandemic has changed every aspect of our lives, and for shopaholics, half of the year felt like a permanent timeout from one of our favourite pursuits. But thankfully, we had the option of online shopping to fill that void. 

Although online shopping has been growing in the last few years, it surged exponentially during the coronavirus outbreak. And why wouldn’t it be? It was the safest and easiest option when many were panic buying and hoarding of supplies! 

While some limited spending to the essentials: food, groceries, and health products, many went on an online shopping spree with office supplies, organization and storage, and beauty products, among others. 

From an unheard skincare routine product that’s suddenly appearing in every feed to a seasonal turnover from one of our favourite brands, or, even better, a brand-new label that we’ve never encountered before, there’s always something new around the corner, leaving us with more choices than ever! 

So if you’ve been in the mood to shop but don’t really know where to begin or are bored of the usual ones, why not start with some well-curated finds? This week we list 15 hidden online stores – national and international – to help you curate your dream wardrobe, desk, or even pantry without leaving your home – you can thank us later!          – Anisha

Beauty Barn

Beauty Barn is a treasure trove for Korean beauty fanatics, where you can find tried-and-true beauty staples and emerging brands alike. From Etude skincare kits to 3CE vibrant lip products, Beauty Barn’s balance of high and low is what makes the site so clutch. Trying new brands has never been so exciting and easy!  
Our Favourite: Mood Recipe Collection

Glow and Behold

Over the last few years, Japanese and Korean beauty brands have upped the standards for the global skincare industry — and to be honest, our standards as well. The J-and-K-beauty culture pioneered the legacy of Asian cosmetics with a deep respect for the old practice and an open mind towards adopting western techniques. Take a tour of these niche online stores, and you might discover a formula that you didn’t even know existed. 


Dokodemo may not be the first website that comes to mind when shopping for beauty and skincare products, but their beauty and wellness section is not one to overlook. From big-name brands like SK-II Japan and Shiseido to smaller indie brands and eco-friendly lines like Fancl and Do Organic, the Japanese e-commerce store that also offers baby products, food, fashionable clothes, and traditional medicines is the perfect site to discover new products you may have otherwise missed.
Our Favourite: Hadalabo collection

Daisy Skin Fix

If you’re a skincare addict, you need to bookmark Daisy Skin Fix immediately. Not only does it carry a wide range of Korean brands, but the site is arranged so that you can shop by skin type and concern. The community of reviewers is active, so practically everything on the site, from morning gel cleanser to acne toner, comes with a side of the real-person experience. And if you have questions, Daisy Skin Fix have answers. Plus exclusive makeup and skincare sets make the perfect gift for beauty junkies (or to treat yourself).
Our Favourite: The entire range of Cosrx for acne

Wear the Storm 

There’s always something new when it comes to shopping for clothes, whether it’s a seasonal turnover from one of our favourite labels, an unseen pattern that’s suddenly appearing in every feed, or, even better, a brand-new store that we’ve never encountered before. Now while travelling to your favourite shop in New York or Milan may not be possible, however, perusing their shelves digitally is the perfect way to spend your lazy afternoon. We handpicked three of our favourite sites for fellow fashion-savvy shoppers!


What started out as a local womenswear boutique in Goa has grown into an e-boutique force to be reckoned with! Gashena stocks the whole gamut of covetable lifestyle products, selecting everything from wear-all-weekend joggers to a double-breasted plaid blazer. This K-pop inspired online fashion destination carries an unparalleled collection of pieces; from vintage to current-season, and everything in between. Pro tip: don’t miss their sales for some total steals.    – Pic: Gashena


Our favourite list of words are: chic, stylish, and European. Somehow, British online fashion and cosmetic retailer ASOS accomplishes all of the above. There’s a vintage edge to all of the designs, too, and prevalent prints we just can’t quit—a win-win. The mix of established brands like Topshop, Ariana Grande and Adidas alongside cults & Other Stories and Sister Jane, and newbies Stevie May and Lottie keeps us coming back to the site for a variety of shopping needs, from an affordable office-wardrobe refresh to any evening events and celebrations.


Imagine your favourite trends for a fraction of the price. It feels like shopping a great designer sale, without feeling like you’re dropping too much cash, that’s Farfetch for you. A go-to for clothes, shoes, handbags, and belts that perfectly balance of-the-moment fashion with timeless sophistication, the British-Portuguese online luxe retail platform offers a great mix of brands and exclusive items that always keeps its rotation interesting (it sells products from over 700 boutiques and brands from around the world).

Curated with Love

What’s better than shopping from the online designer store? Shopping from online vintage clothing store! ‘Cause yup, thrifting is the new cool. Imagine a closet full of retro '70s clothes, or maybe animal print dress and platform shoes – whatever your taste, there’s no doubt that vintage clothing shopping can be a total thrill. Seriously, who doesn’t love finding that unique, one-of-a-kind piece that has a story to tell?

But, however easy it is on your wallet or is better for the environment— especially now more than ever—old school thrift shopping is a challenge, despite how easy Macklemore & Ryan Lewis made it sound. To make things easier, we rounded up the best online vintage apparel stores that you never knew you needed. 


Don’t want to be associated with the mainstream crowd? Then Bodements is the online store you might want to give a click. That’s because, in addition to offering some well-established labels, the online store also features items by lesser-known, emerging designers. Each upcycled clothing piece is unique, exclusive, and handpicked from all over the world. India’s first and largest online choice for vintage fashion and sustainable second-hand clothing, Bodements is committed to educating and propagating the mentality of slow fashion, and responsible, 
ethical consumer practises. 


For “curated modern vintage” picks that can only be described as enchanting, Viange is a must-shop. With a definite nod to vintage jewellery, Viange carries pieces from Christian Dior, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Valentino, Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, Tiffany & Co., and Lanvin amongst many others. Whether you’re on the hunt for a one-of-a-kind pearl and diamond earring for a wedding or a beautiful double pearl collar necklace to impress business slacks for your dream job, this vintage designer jewellery store has a little something of everything and an endlessly updated supply. 

Red Empress

No era is off-limits at Red Empress. From the 60s chic to the 90s bold, if there’s a piece out there that has a vintage flair, then this Instagram store will most definitely try to stock it from thrift shops. With a focus on vintage t-shirts, jackets, pants, and other basics, you do not want to skip out on Red Empress if an easy, relaxed vintage vibe sounds like your kind of style. Plus they are committed to helping people shop with a clear conscience. Amazing fashion plus a good message, right? What’s not to love?

Pandora’s Box

One time gifts are passé, the new trend, subscription boxes—that periodically sends packages of different interests—are the best presents of a new generation. With boxes for everything from authentic snacks, candies to beauty products and books, there’s a curated option for every personality and need. Read ahead to find the perfect subscription box, for your family and friends, and beyond.

Bokksu is a unique subscription service, which offers some of Japan’s most sought-after, handcrafted foods sent straight to your door every month. From traditional and modern snacks to refreshing teas, they partner directly with 100+year-old family makers, and with each delivery, recipients will discover up-and-coming Japanese luxury brands and cult products! There are two types of subscriptions, Classic – which contains 20-25 snacks, tea pairing, and a tasting guide with story and flavours – and Tasting Box that includes 10 to 14 snacks, a tea pairing and a tasting guide. Whether you’re picking out something for your family or special someone, or if that someone is yourself, there’s nothing that will brighten up your day than a delivery like a new gift every month.

Subscription starts at Rs 3,316 monthly.

It’s challenging to know where to start with Korean snacks and culture, and experimenting can be both overwhelming and expensive. That’s where Inspire me Korea comes in. Subscribers can pick between k-beauty, k-snacks, k-travel, and k-culture and discover new favourites all the time. With a thoughtful selection of savoury and sweet ready-to-eat items, K-POP Merchandise, and vegan-friendly delicious Korean snacks, each delivery supplies simple options.

Subscription starts at Rs 1,688 per month.

Bake Me Beauty allows its customers to choose products from the best in sheet masks. Their Holy Sheet Box may contain varieties of masks curated by their specialists for each skin type, but they ship high-quality products per month (14 large masks or seven small masks) straight to your door. It’s also stocked with some serious k-beauty skincare and makeup, from Briskin sheet masks and Missha to Dr. Jart+ moisturizers.  

Subscription starts at Rs 1,050

That’s a wrap!

For some, stationery means essentials—once you have a classic Moleskine and a tried and true Reynolds ballpoint pen, what more do you need?—but in many Asian countries, particularly in Japan and South Korea — pens, paper, and the assorted accoutrements of writing, phone cases, bags, and gift cards are taken to the next ‘kawaii’ level. I mean, why settle for one nice notebook when you can have a full range of unicorn collection, a handmade custom piece for journaling private thoughts, and a cartoon-covered version for maximum cuteness? Bookmark three of our favourite e-commerce stores as there’s something for every stationery-addicts…


As “Curators of cool,” PropShop24 aims to help you lead your best life through ingenious novelty items. Apart from gadgets, personal, fashion, dining & kitchen, the online retailer offers a wide range of products for your office and home. And though they stock plenty of the standards, their best pieces are the ones that add a touch of whimsy. With pen stands that are shaped like pink flamingos, luxury rose gold crystal ballpoint pens, and notebooks in pastel, they make the office fun. They also have other quirky products like furry cushions, doughnut trinket tray and eyebrow trimmer pen that we can’t stop thinking about!

Animi Causa

Animi Causa has gathered up the most unique products you never even knew existed (see: yolkpig, an egg separator.) A one-stop-shop for unique and modern items designed for various purposes, Animi Causa, was established by Sarit and Amit Axelrod, the famous Israeli designers. From spicing up the room with massively popular, a mushy blanket of attached squishy balls to turning your home and office into something more Animi Causa is a gold mine for out-of-the-ordinary ideas. It also offers a plethora of quirky gift ideas for all types of occasions, from birthdays and anniversaries to holidays. 


NotebookTherapy’s comprehensive selection of chicest stationers is curated enough to feel overwhelmed, while also featuring a broad range of items across every product type. The cutest East-Asian stationery that is shipped free worldwide has items almost too aesthetic to use (wrapping a present in their delicately patterned falling flowers washi gift wrap seems almost criminal). From Tsuki collection and Kawaii face pastel backpacks to cute squishies, NotebookTherapy is a one-stop-shop for whimsical home and office accessories.