13th Anniversary - Bejewelled Treasures

CEO’s note

Dear Readers,

Thank you for being part of the You & I family! It’s you who ensure that we continue to stand above the rest – succeeding where others have not fared as well, especially during these most difficult times.

The Covid-19 pandemic – the major disaster of 2020 – caused so much suffering all over the world. Entire communities, if not towns, cities and even countries, have been devastated! Depending on how you were employed, where you lived, the civic support systems available to you, and government planning and execution (or the lack of it), many across the nation grew angry and bitter. The crisis has impacted those that had the least, leaving many jobless still and in greater need than before.

Though the negative effects of the virus are all around us to see and feel, there now seems true hope and positivity with the availability of vaccines that will start to provide protection for the multitudes. We are all eager to get back to work, go back to school and get back to leading more normal lives.

This year, it is not enough to just appreciate the importance of personal health and hygiene. We must make an effort to work with and help our neighbours, to work responsibly together and ensure that all of those around us are able to share in the protections they deserve, not just financial, but personal as well. It’s said that the greatest pleasure is not in receiving but in giving, and those of us who give – whether in cash or in kind – will indeed continue to get the greatest gratification.

Once again, we sincerely appreciate and thank all of you and count on you to continue to support, endorse and strengthen us.

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Publisher’s note

Dear Readers,

Thank you – our readers, advertisers and social media followers – for your support through our journey leading into our fourteenth year. Our growth and success just wouldn’t have been possible without all of you. Our Anniversary issue is even more special this year due to the extreme challenges that Covid-19 created, both for you and us!

Dazzling our cover is the gorgeous Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The toast of both Bollywood and Hollywood, the actress who has proven herself to be a global superstar talks with us in an exclusive interview about her role in The White Tiger, directing movies and her soon-to-be-released book.

Our Feature Story focuses on Al Thani’s peerless jewellery Collection. While the House of Al Thani, Qatar’s ruling family, inherited some extraordinary and priceless pieces of jewellery, passed through a long line of Qatar monarchs, some of their treasures were specially made for them. With more than 6000 works of art spanning from the ancient world to the present day, these stunning pieces may have evolved, yet never lose their lustre.

From their jewellery collection to bizarre treasures and even scandals, nobody does it quite like the royals. Check our interesting Special Feature.

What makes a resort special? Location, ambience, food and service are key commonly stated factors, but any resort’s design plays a vital role in tying it to its location through its style and materials. The design can epitomise the soul of the particular resort or an overarching value to the brand or chain under which it operates. So if exquisite artistry gives you goosebumps, these ventures may prove irresistible. Read our Grand Getaways to know more.

For the ultimate fairy-tale getaway, there’s nothing like spending a night in a centuries-old castle. Read our Sensational Spaces as we bring five alluring castle hotels in the world that will transport you to secret gardens, canopy beds in stone towers, opulent interiors, and drawing rooms where sipping afternoon tea is a centuries-old tradition.

In People in Focus, we have three highly-esteemed fashion designers – Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla and brothers Shantanu Mehra and Nikhil Mehra. The four ace courtiers always look forward, be it inventing a new silhouette, for their clean and stylish aesthetic or just trying to evolve their labels’ identity. Stop over at our In the Spotlight section, where we chat with Lakshita Mehra, a digital marketer about her journey, digital marketing, and a lot more.

If 2019 and 2020 were the years when makeup-free, imperfectly perfect skin went from being a trend to becoming a classic, the future looks cleaner, even more transparent and sustainable. Don’t miss out on our Mind & Body, where we share beauty and skincare trends that are shaping the new decade! As always, the fashion sections have the best of the glam world all rolled into one, while Hot Wheels is a review of five cars that are on the way over the next few years.

We sure hope you enjoy this issue as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together!

Best Wishes,

Huma Bilgrami Latif