13 Notable Benefits of Rosemary

Benefits of rosemary for your health are many. It helps boost memory, improve mood, treat Alzheimer’s, heal cancer, relieve pain, and strengthen the immune system. The herb also helps in boosting blood circulation, healing skin conditions, protecting skin against bacterial infections, and preventing premature ageing. The woody herb that comes from the Mediterranean, also known as the dew of the sea has a bitter taste, and yet gives a nice flavor to soups, stuffing, and sauces. While rosemary is also considered sacred by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans, it is used in Italian cuisine.

Rosemary has high dietary fiber and low cholesterol and sodium level. It also contains high amounts of saturated fats.

Benefits of Rosemary:

1. Improves brain function
2. Prevents Alzheimer’s
3. Aids in neurological protection
4. Detoxifies liver
5. Lessens stress
6. Balances hormones
7. Prevents cancer
8. Induces weight loss
9. Works as an anti-diabetic
11. Protects skin against UV light
13. Prevents hair thinning and dandruff


Q. How much of rosemary tea is beneficial for our health?
A. Three cups a day is safe. Avoid drinking it excessively without proper consultation, as it may be harmful to your body.
Q. What is the recipe for making rosemary oil?
A. Rosemary oil can be prepared at home. An easy and simple recipe for making rosemary oil is:
•    Remove the rosemary needles off the steam
•    Collect about one cup of the needles
•    Heat some sunflower oil in a pan or a small vessel
•    Add the needles
•    Set it on low heat and leave it for four to six hours
•    Leave it until you get the desired fragrance
•    Allow it to cool off
•    Strain the needles
•    Rosemary oil is ready for use

Pic courtesy: Pixabay