10 Tips To Get Fit

Let’s face it, everyone everywhere is in a constant struggle of staying fit. While some want to lose weight, others want to gain weight, and some just want to maintain and stay in shape. And while fitness is a lifestyle change, there are some things that if followed, will surely gain you the desired results. We’ve rounded up 10 tips to help you stay in shape and get fit!

The first thing to do is to set a realistic goal and make a plan. The goal can be just about anything; just ensure that it’s enough to motivate you to push yourself because you can easily go astray without a solid aim in mind. After setting a goal, make sure that you stick to it, whether it is to go for an hour-long walk everyday, or to wake up early and workout for an hour before work. If the goal is food-based and you’ve promised yourself not to eat out or drink alcohol, stick to it. It can be easy for your friends to drag you to a bar over the weekend or for a meal out.And while peer pressure is fairly hard to fight even if you have a valid excuse, if you’re disciplined, you won’t be tempted to give in.

Staying hydrated is important year-long, whether you’re on a strict fitness routine or not. However, if you’re in a party environment, it is all the more vital as waterfills you up when you think you may be hungry. Water is known to prevent all kinds of health problems, too. In this case, it cansuppress your appetite aw well. It is advised to have three to four litres of water a day, and in fact nutritionists and dieticians often recommend their clients to fill up on water before heading to a party. This way they won’t be tempted to have a slice of that delicious looking cake or gorge on that chicken pie.
Water also helps with hangovers, and in digestion and recovery. So be sure to hydrate yourself with lots of water and electrolytes, if possible. Lean towards coconut water if you’re hung over, as it’s full of potassium and will make you feel fresh instantly.


Skipping your workout is a big no-no! It can initiate a downward spiral and, according some British research, can increase your odds of skipping another day of workout by 61%. Something is better than nothing, so if you don’t have time for your usual workout, go for a short one, or just takea walk. This way, your metabolism stayshigh and your body continues to be in the muscle building and fat loss phase. Skipping workouts breaks your routine and may also take you off the healthy eating path, sincemany of us pay more attention to what we eat after working out hard at the gym.

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to save up for a large meal, as you actually end up over-compensating for the calories you didn’t consume earlier in the day. A better strategy would be to eat normally and have at least a small meal before you head out for a party. This way your stomach is half full and you won’t eat as much as you would if you were starving. Having a wholesome salad packed with protein, fibre, and nutrients is a great way to curb your hunger. You can also have simple grilled chicken or other lean meat, and it will do the job just the same.


We all know how hard it is hard to say no to desserts and treats, even when you don’t really want them. Often the idea of consuming something delicious is a lot more satisfactory than the actual bite itself. So learn to say no in order stay on track. Don’t fall prey to people’s guilt-giving; remember the taste of success is a lot nicer than that brownie lying on the plate. Besides, don’t worry, you can have your share of brownies and chocolates once you’ve reached your goal. Until then, stay on track


Of course, remember that saying no doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of everything completely. “No” is only a means to hold yourself back from overindulging. Instead, dive straight in for that salad or those veggies, and even that hearty piece of meat. Starvation isn’t a means of losing weight. You have to strike a balance between indulging and depriving,as this is what leads to consistency, and consistency in turn leads to achieving your goals. If you don’t, you’llend up feeling deprived, which will lead to binge eating and that is definitely not worth it.Consistency is key!

While sticking to your plan and not going astray is vital, every now and then you must give in to your cravings and indulge in what you desire. Take a break from working out too if you’re feeling too fatigued, but just remember to return to your normal diet and exercise program the next morning. The longer the break, the more difficult it is for you to re-focus on fitness, and the harder it will be for you to get back on track. A day off won’t hurt you, but a week off certainly will. It can not only disruptyour progress toward your goals, but also inflate your waist size.

Don’t get us wrong: we don’t mean you should log each and everything you consume and burn during the course of a week. But having an approximate count on your calorie intake will make it a lot easier to calculate your progress. As long as your diet is dialled in 80% of the time, you’re on track.

Of course, it’s not healthy to obsess over your weight, but it is definitely alright to track it. According to a study, people who weigh themselves daily lose more weight per year than those who don’t. Why, you wonder? Because you’re more likely to be mindful of what you eat and drink (and how much you exercise) if you weigh yourself every day. After you step on the scale, record the result and paste it somewhere you can’t hide from.

We all love that creamy pasta you get at restaurants and that delicious Butter Chicken from our local favourite eatery, but believe us when we say nothing tastes as good as your weight loss success! And eating healthy, home cooked food is the key to this success! So, instead of consuming oil-rich food that is only going to satisfy your taste buds temporarily anddistract you from your weight loss journey, whip up your favourite dish in your own kitchen and alter the ingredients according to your calorie goal!