10 Street Style Bloggers Of 2015

Who: Chiara Ferragni
Why:  Get a taste of everything between fashion and food with Chiara's multimillion dollar blog.  Launched in 2009, the GUESS model and shoe designer’s closet can literally be converted into a musuem. Jealous Much? So are we!
Visit: http://www.theblondesalad.com/
Aimee Song 
Who: Aimee Song
Why: We have been singing “Aimee Song” since 2008. Born to rule the world of fashion, Aimee Song shows off her personality with laid-back Californian style. Apart from that, the self-made mogul covers envy-inducing travels and beauty.
Visit: http://www.songofstyle.com/
Julie Sarinana 
Who: Julie Sarinana
Why: If you’re looking for pictuersque shots and even better fashion, then this is the blog to follow. A classic LA girl, Julie Sarinana’s blog gives you a healthy dose of her favourite beauty products and variety of street styles with a touch of glamour.
Visit: http://sincerelyjules.com/2015/12/smith-hotels.html

Kristina Bazan

Who: Kristina Bazan
Why: Another noteworthy Lost Angeles-based fashion blogger making the list, Kristina Bazan takes fashion pretty serious and right off the runway. The personal stylist and model curates her blog as a fashion diary of personal style – that has casual to French vibe – beauty and travel. What more could you want?
Visit: http://www.kayture.com/

Adam Gallagher 
Who: Adam Gallagher
Why: Meet Adam Gallagher, the famous and our only menswear blogger in our list. From his regular street style round-ups, runway coverage to glamourous travels around the world, this dapper looking fashionisto has it all covered and then some more.
Visit: http://iamgalla.com/

Nicole Warne 
Who: Nicole Warne
Why: Head to Nicole Warne's blog for a daily dose of beautifully shot photographs, stunning personal style all with a bonus of beauty. Oh, and how can we forget that impressive sleek bob? Nailed it.
Visit: http://garypeppergirl.com/
Chriselle Lim 
Who: Chriselle Lim
Why:  If you're a minimalist with an appetite for sexy, sleek, sophisticated, Chriselle Lim is the blogger for you. The Los Angeles-based fashion star shares her personal style, beauty tips, luxe updates on travel and favorite shopping picks.
Visit: http://thechrisellefactor.com/
Liz Cherkasova 
Who: Liz Cherkasova
Why: This Los Angeles personal style blogger and a furry animal lover is quietly climbing the ranks of the blogosphere. With stunning street style shots and beauty updates, we have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of Liz in the days to come.
Visit: http://www.lateafternoonblog.com/

Aayushi Bangur 

Who: Aayushi Bangur
Why: This twenty-something fashion blogger offers the most wearable  fashion trends, no wonder everyone from Pantene to Vero Moda love her.  This stunning blogger has a lot going for her blog, from travel, street style,  fashion editorials to runway coverage.
Visit: http://www.styldrv.com/

Rhea Gupte 
Who: Rhea Gupte
Why: Running back and forth Goa and Mumbai, Rhea from The Girl From Fuss is one of our favourite fashion bloggers in the biz. The leggy lass provides a tres chic mix of ‘90s grunge and retro romance. Rhea is also one of the few bloggers who can carry dark lipsticks with panache!
Visit: http://fuss.co.in/
                                                                                                                                                                                  ..... Anisha