10 Simple Ways to Tighten Your Neck Skin

Is your loose neck skin bothering you? Here are the details about how you can get rid of it by applying simple remedies at home!

1.    Regular massages in the neck area

2.    Neck and facial exercises

3.    Managing your weight

4.     Almond oil massage

5.    Skin tightening cosmetic creams

6.    Drinking mineral water

7.    Eating a balanced diet

8.    Cucumber Paste:

Cucumber is a moisturizing and hydrating agent. Since it offers deep conditioning to your cells, it helps revitalise the shrunk neck cells and make it plump again. The skin looks tighter automatically. Here’s the recipe for the paste:

•    Grate cucumber in a bowl

•    Add curd, cream and almond oil to it and mix well

•    Apply on the loose neck

•    Leave for 30 minutes

•    Clean with rose water using cotton

•    Moisturise with a lotion

9.    Fullers Earth Pack:

Fuller’s earth also acts as an anti-aging mask for your face.

•    Mix 2 tbsp fuller’s earth with rose water

•    Add egg white and beat well

•    Add mashed banana to the mixture

•    Refrigerate for 30 minutes

•    Apply on the desired areas and leave it to dry for 1 hour

•    Sprits little rose water and massage for 15 minutes

•    Wash off

•    Moisturise

10.    Banana peel neck mask

Banana peel boosts the anti-oxidant and lutein level, which makes the cells elastic, active and stronger.

•    Take a banana peel and mix it with curd and lemon

•    Add glycerine and baby oil and mix well

•    Add a little milk and make a fine paste

•    Apply on the neck and leave for one hour

•    Dab water and massage for 15 minutes

•    Wash