10 Signs That Indicate You To Need To Change Your Workout

Routines are the best way to discipline your workouts. Yet, overtime, a certain routine can backfire. Your body might be adapting to the same moves having a negative effect on your fitness goals. If any of the below situations sound familiar, it is time for you to revamp your workout.

1.    You are fed up
Following the same routine can take out the excitement overtime. Make sure to diversify your routines by adding plenty of variety. Lifts, interval training, body weight exercises, taking your workout outdoors can help build the enthusiasm. Learn to mix it up keeping your excitement and energy levels high to reach your goal.

2.    You are constantly hurting yourself
Working out the same muscle groups in the exact same way every single time can lead to injuries. Learn to add variation to your routines just enough so you work out each muscle group differently to avoid risking overstraining of certain muscles. Chronic muscle strains and sprains often stem from repetitive stress injuries.

3.    Joints Pain
Joints ache due to lack of a proper warm-up. Start your workouts with five minutes of light cardio like a jog or skipping or do a basic body weight circuit of four basic moves, aiming for 10-15 reps each. A few minutes with a foam roller right before your routine will also ensure proper blood flow for a warm up.

4.    Completely Knackered
If your workout drains you out completely with no energy to walk, rather than making you feel ‘just a little tired’, it is a clue that you need to eat more, rest more, cut down on the alcohol or slow down while working out. Slight body ache is fine but if your body feels crushed every time you workout, it is time to pay heed to your body.

5.    Seems like a Job
If you approach your workout sessions like a job rather than ‘a fun thing to do’, it is time for you to stop, step back and figure out a way to make it fun or at least turn it into more of a challenge. Interjecting workouts with light yoga, pilates or a swim not only adds variety to your routines it also helps in overall body conditioning.

6.    Unable to find time
If external forces are preventing you from hitting the gym, it's time to figure out a routine that works with your life right now - something you can do at home such as yoga or a shorter, more intense version of your current workout.

7.    Goals must evolve
You might have started your workouts with the goal of shedding a few kilos and improve your health condition. Once that is achieved, your fitness goals change and with it, your workouts need to change or you won’t get the results you’re seeking.

8.    You are not seeing results
When you first start a routine, you tend to hit your fitness goals with much ease. Yet, after a couple of months, you don’t notice any change as your body learns to adapt to your current workout routine. Small changes in your program such as changing the number of sets or upping your pace can ensure results.

9.    You work on autopilot
The best fitness program is one that puts you in the zone. When there is no sense of challenge and you are going through motions without really knowing what you are doing, i.e., when you are functioning on auto pilot, it is time to change your routine. Your body and mind needs to be completely engaged to reap the benefits.

10.    Losing strength
Remember that your muscles require time to recover. If you are overtraining a body part, you can end up getting weaker. Plan your workouts well, through the week, with rest days in the middle. Holding a move for a longer period of time or cutting the seconds or minutes of rest periods between moves can keep your muscles and strength from regressing.

The key is to learn to listen to your body and reach your fitness goals accordingly.


-Devahsree Goenka