10 Indulgent things to do on your day off

Stayed in bed as long as you wanted to and now have the rest of the day to yourself and no clue how to spend it? Here’s a list of how to be indulgent and pamper yourself, go on, you deserve it.
•    Get a mani/pedi or finally try the DIY pack that’s been sitting on your dresser for weeks now. You’ve been such a busy bee all week, and your nails show it!

Buy the item you’ve been coveting online
•    Finally buy the item you’ve been coveting online. It’s been lying in your shopping cart and there’s no better time than now to have it.
Choose to be immobile for a while 
•    Choose to be immobile for a while? Marathon the whole new season of your favourite reality TV. Who can get off the couch when Keeping up with the Kardashians or Real Housewives is on? We certainly cannot.
good time to finally visit the gym 
•    Being a couch potato not your idea of a day spent well? Then go for a jog. This is also a good time to finally visit the gym you’ve been a member of for the past two months.
pick up an autobiography book 
•    If you prefer being a little more productive then pick up an autobiography book, and frankly who wouldn’t like a little more of Lena Dunham, Stephen Fry and Mindy Kailing in their life?

Pintrest ideas 
•    Feeling creative? Give a go to out all the Pintrest ideas you’ve been pinning on your board and itching to try.

learn the dance from Run the World 
•    This is also the time and the perfect opportunity to try- well as much as you can- to learn the dance from Run the World (Girls). If Beyonce can nail it, you can too right?
reinvent your favourite dish 
•    Are you hungry yet? Why not try and reinvent your favourite dish to eat or for those who love to eat but don’t like to cook, go out and try a new cuisine.

best time clean your resume
•    Has your resume remained untouched since you started your last job? Planning on changing your job or not, this is the best time clean your resume. Maybe the personal skills section requires a good read through?
bungee jumping 
•    Want to be daring? Then get off that bed and go bungee jumping. If getting your adrenaline pumping is not your cup of tea then head out and take that class that you’ve always wanted to. Write that script that remains unfinished on your desktop or take on a new instrument.

..... Devashree Goenka