10 Apt Professions For People Who Love To Talk

Do your friends complain about you blabbering always? Did your parents ever asked you to talk a little less and it’s good for you. Irrespective of all these comments, do people even remember and miss you if you aren’t at a party and complain that party is dull without you? Are you the Life of a social event? If so, here we are, bringing you the 10 top professions, from which, you should think about being one to have a happy life.

10.) Radio Jockey: Radio is the place where the more you talk continuously, the more the viewers will love you!! It’s about energizing the regular, dull and routine days of millions of people.

9.) Voice-Over artist: Do you have a sweet voice? A husky voice? Or a voice of your own style – If so, try being a voice over artist. You will be the voice of a pretty face on TV, movies, Documentaries or Ads.

8.) Stand-Up Comedian: Love talking? Have a good sense of humour and most importantly love stage? Then being a stand-up comedian is what will entice you. Write your own jokes and connect to people with your rare genre just like the All India Bakchod, The Viral fever or a lot of youngsters who are trying their jokes on people.

7.) VJ/TV Show host: Being a VJ/TV Host will make you popular by means beyond measure. Being a charismatic speaker with a pinch of sense of humor will make it comfortable for you to find a career as VJ for the tons of entertainment channels and shows coming up on TVs these days.

6.) Marketing and Sales: If no one can beat you in persuasive skills, you are known for your never give up attitude and love meeting and studying new kind of people every day then Marketing and Sales will be like a breath of fresh air for you. If you are smart you can quickly rise in your ranks.

5.) News Anchor: Do you love arguments? Do you love interviewing people? A good understanding of current affairs and Politics coupled with your argumentative and interviewing skills will be the best bet for being a news anchor.

4.) Politician: Connecting with people easily, selling a story at ease and being able to draw attention of large crowds with a unique style of talking will make you a successful politician. This era of communications has seen a lot of world’s strongest leaders and politicians to be the people who can communicate very well.

3.) Counsellor: Love solving people problems? Are you an equally good listener as the speaker in you? Try being a counsellor, with the increased stress levels in our fast lives, counsellors are the need of the hour. With so many problems in our society- building confidence of the affected, unhealthy and emotionally down people is a must for a happy society.

2.) Motivational Speaker: Have a deep insight on life? Want to draw examples from what you watch around? Do you think motivated people perform very well in life than the less motivated ones? Go spread your sea of positive energy in influencing the crowd around.

1.) PR: Good writing & communication skills will help you in becoming a successful PR officer of a company. What is Life without knowing people around. ‘Do you know who all I know?’ Forms the basic essence behind the ‘Do you know who I am?’ of a PR officer.