$1.2 million raised for charity by Harry Styles through his tour

Harry Styles, who had been travelling around the world for his first solo tour, donated a whooping amount of $1.2 million for charity. The money is raised through a combination of ticket contributions, live national contributions, matching payments and proceeds from his “Treat People With Kindness” GLSEN campaign. 

The beneficiaries of the $1.2 million are 62 charities over his tour with stops around the world. For events like March for our Lives, which is based in Washington. Other events include Time’s Up, based in Los Angles, We Love Manchester Emergency Fund in Manchester, U.K. 

The tour also registered hundreds of people to vote, for cause like reducing the usage of plastic, recycling more than 6,500 gallons of water.  The event also encourages local people to help other charitable organisations. 

On his last show, Harry took to Instagram and shared a heartfelt post, by posting a picture of himself pouting with a caption saying, "Kissy. Thank you for coming out to see us, it has been a pleasure playing for you all. I'm off to write some more music and I hope I'll be seeing you again very soon. Thank you to my band, the crew, and all of you for making this tour so wonderful. Treat people with kindness. Goodbye for now. I love you all. H".

Mantika kaur kandhari

Pic courtesy: Harry styles Instagram