“You Don’t Need a Silver Spoon to Eat Good Food”

In these uncertain times, many people who were locked up in their homes had several idle hours in hand to think and got creative in finding ways to keep themselves entertained. While some have taken to painting and writing, others entered their kitchen. Some have developed a new love for cooking, while others have started selling food from their home - after all, it’s a great way to combine a hobby with a passion.

Unlike other businesses, a home-based food business doesn’t require a lot of research and planning to start. All you need to know is the skill of churning out good food, and of course, maintain basic hygiene protocols to ensure safety. You & I caught up with 12 such homecooks, who've derived a business out of their expertise - from their traditional dishes to baking. They get pleasure by spending time in their kitchens, making life easier for those who don’t. Read about their stories to inspire and help you get going!        - Anahita

Viha Gupta

Viha Gupta had a keen interest in cooking since she was a little girl and would always offer to help her mother and grandmother in the kitchen. Now, with that knowledge, she’s running two brands: Mommy’s Palate and Sugar Rush for food and desserts, respectively.

How are you cooking for so many people out of your kitchen?
It is slightly tedious, but it’s something I love. I can spend my entire day in the kitchen without complaining. My mother helps a lot and the rest of my family supports me by taking care of everything else.

How are you managing procuring ingredients during these times?
To some extent, it isn’t easy, but the key is to use material that’s grown or manufactured in India. It’s important to know one’s vendors and take extra effort to make sure the materials procured are from a safe environment.

Is this the first time you’ve commercialised your passion?
No, it’s not the first time. I started selling baked goods while I was in college. Very recently I ventured into home-cooked food, everyday meals, party food and customised cakes/desserts.

What are the challenges you’ve faced?
Material procurement during the pandemic is difficult. Shortage of manpower and there is never enough time. The biggest challenge is to multitask. Since my kitchen is 100% vegetarian I work on eggless desserts, making classics such as Tiramisu, Opera Cake, NYC cheesecake etc. eggless is a difficult task.

How have you promoted your brand? 
Instagram! I feel social media is one of the best platforms for promoting any brand. But my clients have really helped me by spreading the word around.

What are the safety measures you’re taking?
All hygiene and safety measures are in place to keep both customers and staff safe. Procurement of raw materials is only from trusted sources and is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised before it enters the kitchen. The kitchen is cleaned and disinfected twice everyday. Usage of masks and gloves is a must. There is minimal human contact with food; everything is made in house, my team consists of my family, in house help, and me.

How are you managing deliveries? 
We are currently not encouraging deliveries and prefer our clients to pick up their food as there are fewerchances of contamination when food is picked directly from the source.

What factors did you keep in mind while doing your pricing?
A variety of factors were involved, such as basic cost, market pricing, etc. However, I do not believe in compromising on quality for a low price.

Your speciality:
Meal bowls, making salads fun and tasty, customised cake and desserts, festive/ party orders with unique presentations.

Hottest selling items:
Chocolate cake, Mexican bowl, hummus, salads (almost all of them), and tiramisu.

Instagram handle: @mommyspalate_sugarrush

Namita and Ankit Sondhi

The Sondhi family has been in the food business since 1954 and Ankit is a qualified chef from the World Renowned Les Roches School of Hotel Management, Switzerland. During the lockdownhe with his mother, Namita decided to start Manger By Ankit ever since, there has been no looking back.

How has it all been going so far?
We started in May and were sceptical as there was no vendor support for procurement, nor was there any real movement of the public. We received an order from a close friend, and from that order through word of mouth, we got new customers. An order. Starting from Banjara Hills, we've now covered almost the entire city.

How are you able to cook for so many people?
The Kitchen is run by us. Both of us have been primarily involved in the Food Business and have cooked at our home kitchen. It is quite a tedious job as we don’t use outside help for any particular errand to run. We, however, make sure that all aspects are taken care of, especially concerning hygiene and sanitisation.

Is it difficult to procure ingredients during these times?
We had a few glitches during the supply of raw materials for a few days. We finally managed to get a hold of a few suppliers nearby who were able to get the best ingredients sourced. Since everything is mostly procured online, it is quite seamless.

What are the challenges you faced?
The food industry seems very glamorous from the outside, but there’s always a downside to it. We faced challenges initially with supply and ability to cope with orders. Now since we’ve gotten used to it, I could say that we’ve evolved with circumstances.

What about expansion?
As of now, we’re happy with the response; we would like to grow as a go-to brand for any food requirement.

What made you pick the cuisines?
We started with a 21 item menu and understood the monotony too soon. Hence we have to pick the cuisines that we were confident about. So we cooked at home for a month before we started Manger By Ankit. After cooking close to 150 odd dishes, we narrowed down to the ones we thought would sell. We still add new items on our menu almost every week, though.

What about pricing?
Being in the business, we knew what price would be adequate to charge to our customers, so that wasn’t a challenge.

Hottest selling item:
Our Artisan Pizzas, Chicken 65 Biryani, Pan Seared Murrel in Butter Garlic Sauce and Fusion Lamb Chops are our best sellers.

Instagram handle: @mangerbyankit

Anjum Pasha

A few days into lockdown, Anjum Pasha reached out to her neighbours, asking if they needed her help with food as no cook was allowed. While most people seemed to be managing well on their own, the Biryani and Haleem cravings needed to be taken care of! She was asked if she’d be open to cooking traditional Hyderabadi food on order and that’s how Anjum’s Kitchen came into being.

Has the venture met your expectations?
When I started, I presumed that I would be catering only to requests of my neighbours, but before I knew it, they had told their friends and relatives, and I was getting calls and messages asking if I could take orders for them too! The number of orders exceeded all my expectations and before I knew it, I found myself cooking for almost 12 to 15 hours a day!

How are you dealing with cooking for so many people?
Cooking at home for such large numbers daily was challenging in the beginning as I was not equipped with either the required ingredients or any commercial equipment. But it eventually fell into place.

Is this the first time you’ve commercialized your passion?
I have always cooked for family and friends, but this is the first time I have commercialised my love for cooking.

Are you enjoying this?
Oh, yes! My kitchen has kept me busy throughout this lockdown, and since I love cooking, I am enjoying it tremendously.

How have you promoted your brand?
Regular customers who order food spread the word about Anjum’s Kitchen.

What are the safety measures you are taking?
Right from procuring ingredients from reliable sources, I personally take care of sanitising, washing, cutting, chopping and packing. The whole concept of home cooking is about the trust that people place in me to give them good food from a clean and sanitised kitchen.

What made you pick Hyderabadi food?
Having been born and brought up here, Hyderabadi food is what has always been cooked at home. Even though most traditional Hyderabadi meat recipes are time-consuming and take a lot of effort, I enjoy the process and love cooking! My love for cooking began many years ago by wanting to replicate the flavours, taste and texture of my growing up years.

Are you looking at venturing out into more cuisines?
Not at the moment.

Your speciality:
I like to cook traditional Hyderabadi ‘dawat ka khana’ and that’s what you will find on my menu. Biryani, Haleem, Talawa Gosht, Marag, Kebabs, Murgi ka khorma, Dum ka kheema, Bagare Baigan, Mirchi ka salan, Tomato ka Kut.

Hottest selling item:
Mutton Talawa Gosh is one dish that has been ordered every single day.

Instagram handle: @anjums_kitchen_

V. Samyuktha Reddy

For V. Samyuktha Reddy, cooking a meal is therapeutic and her food has always left everyone licking their fingers. To channelise this talent, during the lockdown, her daughter-in-law encouraged her to start cooking and selling food from home. And hence came Samyuktha Reddy’s Kitchen, which has been doing extremely well since its inception.

How did you expect the business to move?
I honestly didn’t set my expectations too high. I was confident about my cooking. But the response has been overwhelming; we’ve got a good number of orders. So definitely happy with how it has been received.

Is it difficult to cater to so many orders?
I would be lying if I said it wasn’t. It was a bit of a challenge initially. But my daughter, Vaishnavi played sous chef and helped me ease into this, effortlessly.

What about procuring ingredients?
During the lockdown, getting out for basic necessities was scary, leave alone for work. So procuring ingredients was definitely a challenge. We’re living in strange times, to say the least. But now I do have vendors in place, so that’s half the job done.

What are the other challenges you faced?
Thankfully cooking isn’t the tough part for me. It’s the marketing that is. I’m still trying to get the hang of social media as that’s how we promote. My kids help me out with that. But so far, trying to promote through social media and is something I’m yet to get comfortable with.

Do you think you’d want to expand into something bigger?
I think I’ll leave this to my son, Swethan. He’s in the Food and Beverage business, and he knows best. He often has conversations with me about scaling this. So when the time is right, I guess.

What are the safety measures you’re taking?
Considering I’m running a home maintained kitchen, safety is the first priority. Temperature checks, we use face and head masks, gloves while cooking. The boxes  are sanitized, and the food is then packed. In these trying times, it’s most important to double-check, and I’d not want to disappoint my customers who’ve placed their trust in me.

How are you managing deliveries?
We deliver within a 3km radius. Or the customer can pick the order from our place. In either scenario, it’s a no-contact delivery.

What made you pick South Indian food?
I’m a South Indian, hailing from Telangana;. It came to me naturally, plus there’s a variety to explore in this cuisine.

How much thought went into setting a menu?
There was a lot of debate and discussion. What would work and wouldn’t, sourcing spices and other ingredients. And with the vast variety Telangana cuisine has to offer, downsizing the menu was a task.

Are you looking at including more cuisines?
Too soon to say. I’m still learning and trying to innovate Telangana Cuisine. So let’s see where this road leads to.

Hottest selling item:
Karimnagar Kodi kura.

Instagram handle: @samyukthareddyskitchen

Kiswah Ashfaq

When four siblings put their expertise together and start something of their own, a lot of sweet things (literally!) happen. Le Tesoro (translates to sweetheart in Spanish and treasure in Italian) was started by Kiswah, Ahmed, Mohammed and Soha Ashfaq, who handle baking, marketing, business development and consultancy of the brand respectively.

How did it happen?
Baking was a hobby. One day I made cookies for my brother Ahmed, which he posted on social media and ended up getting inquiries. People asked if we’d sell and that’s when we decided ‘why not?’. We created our social media profile and started getting orders. By God’s grace, the response has been overwhelming.

How are you dealing with cooking for so many people?
It is challenging as we navigate through these challenging times. More so, being a homemaker and having a full-time job, it gets very laborious with long hours as we start early in the morning and go on till late evening. My mom has been a great help in managing the orders, and my brother pitches in wherever he can.

What are the challenges you faced?
Getting ingredients isn’t easy as a lot of people have turned towards baking for therapy, which results in the ingredients getting sold out. To be able to do something on this scale, with full-time jobs, gets difficult.

Is expansion on the cards?
We are definitely looking at ways to scale it up and hire help to be able to fulfil more orders as we keep growing!

How have you promoted your brand? 
My brother, Ahmed, is an avid food blogger, so he has been able to leverage his expertise on social media to promote our brand. As we keep expanding, we are finding new and innovative ways to connect with our audience. 

What made you pick desserts? 
We love desserts and always look forward for it, so it was a no- brainer to turn it into a business. 

How much thought went into setting a menu?
We initially wanted to start small with the menu and slowly scale up. 

What did you keep in mind while pricing your menu?
All of us came together for pricing. A lot of factors go into deciding the price, including the acquisition cost of the goods, baking time, labour intense, and demand and supply. 

Hottest selling item:
Triple Chocolate Chunk cookies, which is a perfect amalgamation of chewy and gooey texture,and recently introduced Nutella Lava Cookie cups, which is exactly what the name suggests.

Instagram handle: @letesoro

Sateesh Polkam

Always been fond of dabbling in the kitchen and been a part of the FnB industry for years, Sateesh Polkam had dreamt of having his own gig someday. And this lockdown gave him a chance to make it happen. Especially focused on the regional cuisines of India,

KODAGU - The Coorgi Plate
as the name suggests, specialises in Coorgi food.

How has the response been?
It has been exceptional! The demand and praise for the food has been beyond my expectations. While keeping up with the demand has been challenging, we are thoroughly enjoying this phase.

How are you able to cook for so many people out of your kitchen?
This is the advantage of a homegrown business - you always have the support of your family. I am blessed as my wife, Anitha and son, Darahas really help me out.

Is it difficult to procure ingredients during these times?
To be honest, it is a bit of a hassle. But thanks to my experience within the Food and Beverage industry, it has been relatively easy.

Is this the first time you’ve commercialised your passion?
Absolutely. It took me eight years to get to the point.

What are the challenges you’ve faced?
While our challenges have only begun, keeping up with the demand has fortunately been the only significant challenge for us. But to be able to finally dish out your dream and love, every day is an absolute joy.

What about expansion?
At the moment, we are looking at ensuring that we are able to put forward the best of the Coorgi cuisine to our consumers. However, we do certainly have our sights set on expansion.

And how are you managing deliveries?
To ensure the utmost safety, for now, we are delivering the food ourselves.

What made you pick Coorgi food?
We fell in love with the cuisine when we visited the Scotland of India in 2012. The blast of flavours is unparalleled.

How much thought went into setting a menu?
A lot. Our aim with the menu is to get our consumers to fall in love with the cuisine in its most authentic self, which is the reason why, you would see a lot of native ingredients in our food like kachampuli, cilantro and of course, pork!

Hottest selling item:
The Coorgi Pandi curry

Instagram handle: @ko_da_gu

Cedric Wang

Francis Enterprises has been selling noodles and other Chinese ingredients to renowned restaurants for years, but during the pandemic, everything came to a standstill. It was then that Cedric Wang decided to start selling home-cooked food. A traditional family recipe of momos, a hit in his friend circle, soon became an obvious choice.

How has it been so far?
In just a few weeks, it has been a huge success.
Even when I decided to start, I knew I’d get orders from my regular customers based on goodwill as they trust the quality of Francis Enterprises.

One thing I’m particular about is to never compromise on the quality hence kept a limited number of orders per day. We do deliveries on Friday and Saturday, for which the orders come in by Wednesday or Thursday, this gives us enough time to prepare and send them out fresh.

Is this the first time you have commercialised your passion?
Yes. Before this, we were only selling all the items individually and uncooked.

What are the challenges you have faced?
The only challenge so far has been with the deliveries. I have taken it upon myself to deliver each package to every household, so, yes, it is a tedious task and requires a lot of prior planning. Apart from that, it was slightly tricky to concoct the vegetarian Momo as my family specialises in non-vegetarian dishes and we had to separately come up with the right kind of recipe for the vegetarian Momo which would taste as good as the non-vegetarian ones.

What about expansion?
It most definitely is. My family is in the restaurant business; my uncles own a few authentic Chinese restaurants across Hyderabad. And growing up, it has always been a dream to own a restaurant, and these are just baby steps towards achieving my goal someday.

What do you specialize in?
We’ve kept our menu simple and basic: pork, chicken and vegetable momos.

Are you looking at venturing out into more cuisines?
Definitely in the near future, I have a few things in mind, which will all be homemade, since there are so many varieties of dishes in our Chinese cuisine, I would like to introduce a few more authentic dishes which will be home prepared and a traditional family recipe.

Hottest selling item:
It would be a tie between the Pork and Chicken Momo and obviously the special sauce, my mother’s secret recipe that makes it that much more special.

Instagram handle: @francis_enterprises

Ananya Wadhwa

Ananya Wadhwa moved to Hyderabad not too long ago, and being a fitness enthusiast, found the lack of baked goods in a conscious manner. Following her passion, she was almost ready with her healthy desserts and cakes, and the lockdown happened. The virus didn’t dampen her spirit and she started The Binge Theory from home.

Has the response met your expectations?
Initially, I was sceptical about the acceptance level, as I bake with different flours such as Pearl millet, amaranth, wheat, jowar and buckwheat. However, I had a few rounds of trials, and some products were loved to the extent that people did not believe it did not contain refined flour. I launched about a month ago, and ever since have had an overwhelming response.

How are you managing?
Since I am still new to this, I need to learn the art of limiting orders and scheduling them. However, I totally enjoy the process of baking, so sometimes it’s worth sacrificing the weekend for it!

You mentioned non-refined ingredients. Has procuring been tough?
Yes, this has been a challenge, especially during my trial phase. Being relatively new to the city plus figuring out which stores are open and supplying was a task, but eventually, it has settled and definitely, online ordering is a saviour in these times. 

What are the other challenges you faced?
The biggest was to find the right audience for trial and testing the products, as it is essential to get the right feedback and know where you stand. Secondly procuring ingredients during this in itself. A continuing challenge remains to spread the message on conscious eating to
a larger audience!

Do you think you’d want to expand?
No, we only plan to continue home baking as I feel it gives you a better perspective and lets you focus on the end products and recipes. It also adds a personal touch to your customers.

How much thought went into setting a menu?
This was a time-consuming process as it was important to maintain a balance between most asked for flavours and introduction of new ones, and considering the use of healthier flours and sugar. However, a settlement between the two was made, so if you look through the menu, you would know that not many of the regular flavours are here, as I’ve tried to bring in a differentiator, to provide a variety that’s rare but interesting.

Your speciality:
We specialise in healthier versions of baked goods. As mentioned, we use alternative flours such as bajra, jowar, amaranth, wheat and buckwheat. Also, we use cane sugar, jaggery and brown sugar for sweeteners. The focus is to use organic and natural flours and eliminate the use of refined flour and sugar. Our bakes are eggless, and we also cater to vegan and gluten-free options. Alongside this, we have a section of healthy baking premixes and power-packed breakfast premixes to cater to the needs of those who have a busy schedule but still like to ensure conscious eating.

Hottest selling items:
Cheesecake, apple cinnamon cake, peanut butter cookies and brownies

Instagram handle: @the_binge_theory

Vidhi Jain

Vidhi Jain, dropped out of school when she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Her understanding of the competitive world was quite different. This young and God-gifted girl started experimenting with baking cakes and chocolates and soon became everyone’s favourite. And so her family decided to open an eatery, but that ended up stalled due to the pandemic. Before this could dampen her spirits, the idea of Vidhi’s Home Kitchen came about. Now she creates fresh, comparatively healthy, delicious restaurant-like food from her completely sanitised facility.

How has it been so far?
We had no expectations since the start but had a positive feeling about it. Thankfully, gradually it grew within a short period.

How are you able to cook for so many people?
Frankly, it’s a blessing in disguise. Everyone at home has suddenly got something to do amidst the lockdown, and also everyone is exploring their creative side - it is a lot of fun to work together.

Is it difficult to procure ingredients during these times?
Not at all! Due to good contacts with trusted dealers across the city, getting ingredients hasn’t been a big problem so far. Though gourmet items take time, that isn’t such a problem.

What are the challenges you’ve faced?
Deliveries have been the biggest challenge we have faced so far. Also, we are looking to hire a head cook as the numbers of orders are increasing and it’s getting a little tiresome and hectic.

Tell us about your expansion plans?
A restaurant is on the cards for sure. We had actually chalked out our plan to open up a restaurant and had it all ready. But right when we were about to handover the advance to the landlord and begin the interior work, the pandemic hit. Hence it’s all been put on hold for now. So, as things get better, we’ll be back on that track.

What are the safety measures you’re taking?
As it’s a home kitchen, it’s super clean all the time. We sanitise the kitchen every four hours. Also, to ensure the cleanliness, no outsider is employed yet, and the end-to-end task are carried out with the help of elders and siblings.

How are you managing deliveries?
For now, we are using third-party apps like Swiggy Genie, Dunzo and Uber.

What do you specialize in?
We specialise in cakes and North Indian Food. Our menu is traditional with a modern touch and comprehensive enough to satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Are you looking at venturing out into more cuisines?
Yes! We are doing a lot of fusion food.

Hottest selling item:
Pasta Pizza Sandwich, Malai Kofta Curry and Paneer Handi Biryani.

Instagram handle: @vidhi.homekitchen

Shoba Uthappa

The free time during this lockdown got Shoba Uthappa experimenting in her kitchen, which eventually led to a tiny business within her friend’s circle.‘Shob’s Sugar Fix’, as the name suggests, has a lot of options to satisfy your sweet tooth that are light and delicious. 

How has it been so far?
I went for it without any expectations and it has actually been a good run so far. And when it’s your passion, it doubles the fun. So, I’m enjoying the process, though sometimes hectic, at least we have desserts to comfort us! (smiles)

Hasprocuring ingredients been tough?
Initially, it was a task! We use premium ingredients to upkeep our quality so yes, it is not something that would be available just off the rack in a supermarket. But thankfully it has settled down now, and we are almost back to normalcy.

Is this the first time you’vecommercialised your passion?
Yes! I used to be in charge of dessert for most of our parties. It is just a recent development where I decided to take it commercially.

What are the challenges you’ve faced?
Packaging and transportation havebeen a challenge given the present scenario.

What about expansion?
Well, as I said, since going commercial wasn’t a plan...It is still an early phase to explore other opportunities.

How did you promote your brand?
Digital is the name of the game now. So it has only been the digital platforms for now. My friends have been supportive and share the word around too!

What are the safety measures you’re taking?
Anyone who knows me personally, knows how important hygiene is to me. It is an integral part of my house affairs, not just the kitchen. This situation has only made it twice as important.  All products and containers/equipments are sanitised and sterilized before usage.

How are you managing deliveries?
Initially, it started with friends so they would personally pick their orders. Although presently, Dunzo has been a saviour. I make sure there is double packaging and sealing for hygiene purposes. But I still prefer my clients picking their orders personally for better safety.

What made you pick desserts?
Sweet tooth runs in my family, and hence it was an easy pick.

How much thought went into setting a menu?
To be honest, ‘My Specials’ went straight into the menu and wasn’t head breaking task.

What About pricing?
Pricing was something that was a real challenge. I spoke to a few entrepreneurs who helped me with slotting the prices based on products and energy usage.

Are you consideringadding more cuisines?
Since we are into desserts, right now it is just about playing around with the menu based on seasonal produce for us. We shuffle and add new items based on demand and supply.

Hottest selling item:
Our Coffee Pudding! Coming from a land of coffee - Coorg, it gives me the utmost pleasure to serve the coffeeholics.

Instagram handle: @shoba_uthappa

Sridevi Vanka

Sridevi Vanka’s friends reached out to her to cook for them during the lockdown. When the calls increased, the idea of cooking and selling struck her and that’s how she started My Home Kitchen. Ever since she’s been flooded with orders, thanks to her flavourful dishes.

How has it been so far?
The plan was to start something to keep me busy, and that’s exactly how it’s going. It was a conscious effort notto overload myself, and hence we take limited orders every day.

How are you managing cooking for so many people?
Just when it started to get hectic, I decided to limit the orders to 3-4 a day since I was doing everything myself. Now, at this pace, I’m loving the process and thoroughly enjoying cooking for people.

Is this the first time you’ve commercialised your passion?

What are the challenges you’ve faced?
Even though there’s enough word of mouth promotions, the challenge has been to reach out to people. The world is all on social media, and that helps, but I still feel there’s a slight lag in reaching out to new customers. 

Do you have any expansion plans?
No. To be honest, I haven’t really thought about a restaurant, but I think I might just expand my home kitchen by adding more items to the menu.

What are the safety measures you’re taking?
Since it’s a home kitchen, I personally take care of each and everything. I do all of it myself to ensure 100% safety and hygiene. It is for the same reason that I’m apprehensive about getting help inside the kitchen.

How are you managing deliveries?
I stay in Yapral, and we deliver it ourselves within 4 km, but beyond that, we send it through Swiggy, Uber Connect or Ola.

How much thought went into setting a menu?
That wasn’t tough as the menu only has dishes that I’m confident of. I’ve always loved cooking, and deciding what we wanted to sell, was easy as I had my family helping me with their suggestions.

What about your pricing?
We did our pricing with the help of another person who runs a cloud kitchen, as I wasn’t aware of how to go about it.

Hottest selling item:
Pepper Mutton and Paya. We also have one special dish available every weekend, that’s not on the regular menu.

Instagram handle: @sridevivanka

Riddhi and Siddhi Agarwal

In order to keep themselves busy during the pandemic, sisters Riddhi and Siddhi Agarwal decided to start something they were good at. With a little uncertainty, they started The Food Galore, to cook and sell food from home.

How has it been so far?
When we started, we had no expectations as we weren’t sure if people would like what we were making. But with God’s grace, we’ve had a great response.

How are you dealing with cooking for so many people?
It gets a bit difficult to work with a small kitchen, but we manage it as the ‘homemade’ feel only comes when it’s from home. We also get tired with heavy orders, but there are off days, that balance it out, too.

Is it difficult to procure ingredients during these times?
Oh, yes! Primarily because we need to take care of our safety which restricts our visits to the market.

What are the challenges you’ve faced?
Lack of staff, a bigger kitchen, and the difficulty to acquire the required ingredients.

What about expansion?
Not yet. As of now, we’re not sure of how long we might want to or be able to continue it... so we are just living in the moment. 

How have you promoted your brand?
We’ve not done any promotion as such. It has all been organic - through word of mouth and Instagram. Today, social media has a lot of power and reach.

What are the safety measures you’re taking?
We make sure that everything is completely clean and sanitised before it enters the kitchen - including ourselves. This is also the reason for us to not have appointed anyone for help. 

What do you specialize in?
We specialise in everything that’s cooked from house and heart. Both of us are home cooks, so whatever is on our menu is our speciality.

How much thought went into setting your menu?
Quite a lot! We made a list of all the items we thought we are good at cooking and then picked out a selected few, which we found were the best. 

Are you looking at venturing out into more cuisines?
No, not yet. We want to maintain the taste, quality and standard of our food and not just try to increase the variety in the menu. We are new to this business and want to get the hang of it before taking it to any other level. 

Hottest selling item:
People love our mini burgers and puddings.

Instagram handle: @thefoodgalore2020