A’la Liberty

A’la Liberty, which stands for ‘by the style of liberty’, was started by the director of the company, Kiran Lalwani. The restaurant resonated with the family business, ‘Liberty Restaurant’, which was started by Krishanchand Lalwani back in the 1970’s, and ‘Liberty Caterers’ by Chandan Lalwani in the year 1988. Making waves since 2010, A’la Liberty is famous for their extravagant vegetarian Ala carte and buffet offerings. Their firm belief in their tagline, “If You Love Good Food… You Will Love Us”, helped them carve a niche in the world of food. The state-of-the-art restaurant features modern and sophisticated interiors and is ideal for a get-together with family or friends.

Boasting an expansive menu consisting of scrumptious dishes like Chilli Honey Lotus Stem, Water Chestnut Corn Parcel, Thai Paneer Tikka, Malai Broccoli, and of course their liberty signature, Soya Chaap, this multi-cuisine restaurant is a go-to spot for all vegetarians. The À la carte menu also encompasses a very wide range of Oriental, Continental, and Indian main course dishes, from the classic Butter Paneer Masala to Indonesian Laksa Bowl and the Fresh Tortellini Pasta tossed in the sauce of your choice. An honorary mention of their delicious Veg Haleem, which is widely relished, especially during the month of Ramadan, is a must. 

Apart from this, the restaurant also serves abundant starters such as chaat, pizzas, and pastas, as well as varieties of baked dishes, noodles, and assorted Indian curries. For all those with a sweet tooth, there are plenty of options here. Another honorary mention is their famous Coconut Malai Marvel, the show-stopper of all their buffets.

A’la Liberty currently has two branches, one in Banjara Hills and another, which recently opened, in Hitech City. The restaurant itself provides ample space for groups as large as 40-50 people, featuring private dining rooms and cosy corners. The relaxed and inviting ambience as well as the delicious food on offer makes this place perfect to unwind.    -Rubaina