‘CORE’ – Your Quintessential 6 Pack

Waking up in the morning with your game face on, exercising with an aim to stay fit and live healthier is a brilliant kick start to an awesome day. But, have you paid attention to your ‘Core’?
What is this?
The core muscles are commonly mistaken as the abs or abdominal muscles, “the 6 pack”. The core muscles are in fact the innermost muscle group which comprises of muscles from your torso, i.e. the pelvis, lower back, hip and abdomen including the oblique muscles. The entire muscle group functions collectively, together, to keep your body well aligned while performing daily tasks.
Why is it important?
Core strength is the ability to produce force while maintaining core stability, which is the ability to control the force we produce. It is paramount to build up your core strength to live in a healthy body.
Importance of Core Strength in our day-to-day lives;
1.    Performing activities such as walking, lifting heavy weights or engaging in outdoor activities comfortably.
2.    To banish pain in any part of your body such as the ankles, knees or back.
3.     If you are trying to lose weight, strengthening your core muscles will speed up the fat burning process.
4.    To obtain awell balanced body projecting a strong, confident posture.
5.    To enhance flexibility.
6.    To sport a perfect beach body.

How long will you live in an uncomfortable body? With the current lifestyle of sitting in front of the computer, television and various other gadgets for long hours, the core muscles begin to slouch, deteriorating the beauty of your own body. Start working on your core strength today and live a healthy and confident life.