The Young and the Restless

There’s just something about self-employment, and in this age of the Internet and rapidly advancing technology, people are more confident than ever to sell their ideas and hit the road to success. Smitten by the business bug, the current generation is enthusiastic, never willing to settle for ‘just ok’, and aspire for the best, in every field. They are young and restless, and generate their own income in innovative ways. Here are a few young entrepreneurs from the city whose business acumen will take you by surprise. Irrespective of your age, these young leaders will inspire you and perhaps even help you realise that it’s never too late or too early to pursue your dreams of being a business owner. Take a look!        --- Sumana

Santosh Kumar, Paris Dé Saloń

Speaking about how he facilitates a positive work environment that attracts and retains talent, Santosh says, “Our employees are covered under the government-based insurances ESIC, and PF. For the top management, we provide private insurance. Utmost security to our employees as much as unfailing attention to our clientele are assured from our company. We also conduct grooming sessions/training bi-monthly for our employees, to ensure they meet the ISO standards.”

Until 2016, Santosh was handling four different kinds of businesses: textiles, luxury salons, jewellery, and furnishings. Since he expanded the businesses dramatically around that time, he single-handedly and simultaneously managed a total of eight showrooms, but feels that a close study of the market beforehand would’ve helped him make better decisions. Since people foray into the wellness industry without appropriate research, Santosh finds that that is the main cause for shutting shop in no time. “Thankfully, we are sailing rather smoothly!” he says with a sense of contentment. Presently, he is the second-generation owner of his family-run business called Srinivasa Textiles. Lately, he has begun playing cricket as part of a fitness routine and now owns a corporate team called Starlet Cricket, and plays regular tournaments on Sunday.

Quick Six:
Elevator pitch: Srinivasa Textiles, a 42-year-old establishment, has been successful with only word-of-mouth marketing and earned us around 1 lakh loyal customers. Paris Dé Saloń has been serving its niche clientele for ten years now, delivering unparalleled beauty services.
Role model: My father, Vijay Kumar.
Passion: Travelling. I get to learn the latest technology of that specific country and a lot of other things which I can apply to both my business and my own life.
Favourite part about being an entrepreneur: You have a hold on the complete business and team. You can also take instant decisions, especially while expanding businesses.
Favourite book: Not into books. However, I like reading about India’s history online.
One-word description of self: Leader.