Wok-tossed lotus stem with chilli sambal

Ingredients                      Qty

lotus stem                     200 gm
potato starch                 50 gm
oil                                   to fry
spring onion                  25 gm

For the sauce

garlic (chopped)          5 gm
ginger (chopped)         5 gm
red chilli (chopped)      5 gm
dark soy sauce           10 gm
kecup manis                5 gm
red chilli paste            10 gm
rice vinegar                 5 ml
salt                              to taste


1.   Thinly slice the lotus stem at an angle. Dust with starch, and fry on low until crisp.
2.   Sauté the garlic, ginger and chilli. Add rest of the sauce ingredients and season as desired.
3.   Add the lotus stem crisps and chopped spring onion to the sauce.
4.   Toss till all the lotus stem crisps are coated with sauce
5.   Serve garnished with toasted sesame seeds.