Winter Makeup Tips by Shahnaz Husain

Your normal makeup routine is not enough for winter! Leading Indian herbal beauty expert, Shahnaz Husain, gives us a few simple and essential tips…

•    In winter, apply moisturizer before foundation. For the day, apply sunscreen lotion. Wait for 5 minutes and then apply foundation. Use creamy foundation in winter. For oil skin, add a drop of water to the foundation, for lighter coverage. Blend with a damp sponge for an even finish. Apply foundation on the forehead and on either side of the nose. Using a damp sponge, spread it evenly and smoothly outwards. Then apply it on the chin and smooth it along the jawline, blending slightly upwards, towards the cheeks. Also, go downwards to the neck. Blend well and see that no lines of demarcation are visible.

•    Then apply powder to “set” the foundation. After applying powder, use cotton wool or a clean brush to dust off the excess. For winter, use creamy eye shadow, rather than powdery ones, especially if the skin is very dry. Creamy eye shadows are more difficult to apply, but they will not cause dryness and will give a better effect in winter.

•    Use glossy lipstick, rather than matte ones for winter. Matte lipsticks cause further dryness. Use a lip pencil to outline the lips and then fill in with colour, using a lip brush. After applying lipstick, use a colourless lip gloss to add shine and a wet look. This is more appealing in winter.

•    In some cases, there is a problem of dark lips. This may become more obvious in winter. One lip may be darker than the other. To help lighten the colour of the lip, you should apply an almond cream and leave it on all night. While applying lipstick, apply a dark brown colour on the lighter-coloured lip. Then apply the lipstick of your choice on both lips. This will help to make your lipstick even-coloured on both lips.

•    A Lip Balm will help to keep the lips in good condition in winter.

-Devshree Goenka