Twentieth Century Fox presents Widows, a crime thriller directed and produced by Steve McQueen, director of the award-winning film, 12 Years a Slave. The screenplay is written by McQueen and Gillian Flynn (of Gone Girl), based on the popular 80’s British television mini-series of the same name, created by Lynda La Plante.

The movie is set in modern-day Chicago during a time of social and political strife. It stars Viola Davis as Veronica Rawlins, who is married to Harry (Liam Neeson), a career criminal. Harry and his gang are killed in a deadly heist accident, leaving their widows in debt to a local crime boss, Jamal Manning (Brian Tyree Henry), who is trying to break into politics.

While Veronica is mourning the loss of her husband, Jamal turns up on her doorstep demanding the $2 million Harry and his crew owed him. When Veronica is threatened by Jamal and his psychotic enforcer Jatemme (Daniel Kaluuya), she realises that she has no choice but to plan a heist of her own. To help pull off the sting, Veronica recruits the other widows: Linda (Michelle Rodriguez), a struggling mother, and Alice (Elizabeth Debicki), an abused wife. Cynthia Erivo portrays Belle, an ally who steps in to help the widow’s mission.

Meanwhile, Jamal is in a brutal political race against a corrupt politician, Jack Mulligan (Colin Farrell), son of Tom Mulligan (portrayed by Robert Duvall). Jamal strong-arms the widows to return the money, as he needs it to fund his campaign. However, the story takes a twist when Jack Mulligan figures into the widows plans.

Widows is a powerful and brilliantly crafted heist film with an excellent ensemble cast. Viola Davis delivers a powerful performance in this highly charged film about race, politics, crime, and corruption. This must-see movie releases in theatres on November 16, 2018.