What business travellers should look for when booking a luxury hotel?

While there is no doubt that technology continues to shrink the world, where everyone is a phone call or text away, in-person meetings still remain an indispensable part of almost all walks of life. One just can’t do without conferences, seminars, etc. in the business world. But, such congregations also entail a lot of logistics planning for the participants’ travel and stay arrangements to ensure a smooth and hassle-free flow of events. Now, while the travel options are generally limited, owing to the usual urgency of such trips, it’s the stay that happens to be the most crucial part. So,it’s a wise decision at your end to prepare a checklist of all that is a must in the hotel that you book hotel online. 

Distance from the airport
Lesser is better, of course. Because you would not want to sit in the cab for hours, reading hoardings and pamphlets on the way. Also, there is just no point in wasting precious hours in traffic for a one-hour meeting. That time should be used in either preparing for the PowerPoint presentation once again or indulging in the simple pleasures of life such as submerging yourself in a bathtub of hot water to relax your nerves, so that you aren’t affected much when people get on them.

Complimentary ‘high-speed’ WiFi
Most good hotels, irrespective of the number of stars defining their stature, provide complimentary WiFi. That said, even some of the best ones can act rather stingy and ask you to pay additionally for it. Ask about it in advance! You may still carry your dongle (no pun intended) though.

Business Centre
There is nothing too fancy about this one too; it’s just a section that would take care of your fax/printer/photocopier requirements. But, without this section, you may find yourself in a mess when it comes to arranging the hardcopy of necessary documents in a quick time. 

A quiet, soundproof room
Most would think that it’s a given thing, but since the phenomenon of noisy neighbours is not just limited to your residential woes, you have to ensure that you get the quietest room available. At no extra charge, obviously. 

Ample parking space
A stay for business purpose needs a little extra in terms of arrangement on the part of hotels. Those with ample parking space canentertain business travellers in a much planned manner. It is even more important for you to ask at the time you book hotel online about the parking facility for the guests and clients that are expected to meet you during the stay.

Extended meal-serving hours
Not every business person wants to defeat the sun just to catch the breakfast in time. It’s better if the hotel allows you to have meals at your own sweet time, without the need of rushing after them. Well, no hotel will change its serving timings; it is always a good idea to cross-check and compare timings.

Iron and ironing board
You wouldn’t have needed these if it was a leisure trip that you could have spent entirely in your Bermudas, tees, and flip-flops. It does not matter how well you or your caring spouse/mother have packed theformal outfits, they are bound to get a little ruffled with all that tossing around of the luggage. You will have to take matters in your hand if looking crisp is a priority. If you’re really not a DIY kind of person, then make sure that the laundry service at the hotel is not as difficult assanctioning of bills in the Parliament.

These factors are often overlooked by business travellers and hotels alike, resulting in an underwhelming experience for the customer and a not-so-good word of mouth publicity for the hotel in question. In those luxury hotels where these concerns are sorted, you can expect to have all other things, such asoutstanding food quality andexemplary staff-etiquette to ensure a pleasant stay. Business travellers make a major contribution to the annual revenue of luxury hotels, and to allure them even more, they are making a major shift in their approach. Such hotels aim atmaking the best arrangementto ensure a pleasant stay of those who want a hassle free, business trip with no compromise on luxury.