Wedding Wonders

Sybil Rasheed talks with You & I
How did The Bridal Studio come to be?
One day, we had five clients walk into the office. All of them asked us for suggestions on where to get their wedding gowns, since the work of most well-known designers isn’t available here. It struck us that the city didn’t really have something that caters to brides this way, so we decided to give Hyderabad something new!
Tell us about the dresses.
My bridal collection for 2015 is full of varied silhouettes for different bridal moments: short cocktail dresses, embellished organza gowns with beautiful volume, and a minimal curved-bust column that epitomises classic bridal style. I also have dresses for bridesmaids, as well as plus-size cocktail dresses for the mothers of the bride and other family members.
How’s the response been?
Great and overwhelming! We sold out 80% of our stock even before the official launch. This was due firstly to the limited availability of these dresses, and secondly down to our reasonable prices. The look in the eyes of a bride when she realises that she’s found that dress is so rewarding!
You come from a family known for its work with weddings. This seems natural.
Yes, it was. By the grace of God, we’re known for doing beautiful Christian weddings, but we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to make the lady of the day feel even more special by wearing the best in the world. That’s what we offer through our studio.
How do you manage work with two young kids?
I’ve been blessed with wonderful parents and in-laws who help us in everything we do.
Sybil Rasheed talks with You & I 
Speaking of which, has your family been supportive of your work?
To begin with, the support I get from my husband Sean is my strength. And as I said, my parents and his have always been supportive of everything we’ve done. They encourage us to follow our dreams, so nothing of this sort would have been possible if it weren’t for them.
What are your thoughts on Hyderabad’s wedding industry?
It’s common knowledge that lots of lavish weddings happen in Hyderabad, and our family businesses – S.V. Caterers and S.V. Event Management & Services – are proud to giving people the kind of fairytale weddings they dream of.
We hear your own wedding was pretty magical. Where did you get your outfits?
I was the princess of my house, what with being the youngest and the only girl. And my husband and his family went out of their way to make this a reality for us. I travelled overseas in search of the perfect wedding gown. I now feel that every bride has to be able wear the perfect wedding gown without much trouble and travel.
What else do you like to do? What makes you happy?
When I’m not at work, I spend time with my family doing things my kids like, and generally being part of every bit of mischief they intend on making! Perfect happiness is coming home to my family, looking into the sparkling eyes of my kids when they see me, and giving them a tight hug.
You come across as very gentle. Do you ever lose your temper?
As a calm person, it’s not that often that I lose my temper. But even if I do, it’s not for more than a few minutes. I believe in the saying, “To forgive and forget is a noble virtue.”    

– as told to Anahita