Ways to Spend Wisely On Your Wedding

Wedding is a ceremony that is celebrated once in a life time and we all want it to be an event that will be remembered.. Planning a wedding is a difficult task not only for the bride and the groom but also their families.  We all know that hosting a wedding can cost a fortune. First step towards planning your big day is to prepare a budget in order to keep track of things. In order to have a lavish wedding it is not necessary to shell out tons of money, you just need to know how to spend wisely.

Here are few ways to save on your wedding without having to sacrifice a whole lot-

1.    Shorten Guest List- This one might be a little difficult because we all want to celebrate our big day with as many guests as possible. Unfortunately cutting down on the guest list is the most effective way of spending less. Sit with your significant other and decide what type of wedding your planning for and cross out people on your list whom you haven’t spoken or met in a while. Just invite the ones that are most important to both of you.

2.    Location- After short listing the guest list the second thing to do is to choose a location which is idle for accommodating limited number of guests and that you can get it for a good price.

3.    Decoration- Decor is an important aspect of a wedding. In order to cut cost on decor but yet make it look simple and elegant use one flower instead of multiple ones.

4.    Online invitation- It is a customary to send wedding invitations. You could save a lot of money by sending electronic invitations or if you decide for traditional cards then go for a simpler design or even handmake it yourself or enlist the help of your family.

5.    Ask friends for help- There is nothing wrong in asking help from your friend’s in fact most of them will be glad to help you out on planning your big day. Ask a friend who is good at baking cake to make one for your wedding, if you know someone who owns a catering business they can do the menu and a friend who is interested in photography can be the wedding photographer.

6.    Something borrowed- A new wedding dress will cost a lot. Every bride wants to look best at her wedding and this could be done by borrowing a wedding dress instead of buying one. Even if the bride does not want to borrow one she could get a perfect outfit by spending less by going for less design on the outfit.

7.    Food- It is not necessary to serve a lavish full course meal. What is important is to serve interesting original dishes which people really enjoy eating. If your planning on having a sit down dinner then limit the number of meals.

8.    Create unique souvenirs- Instead of spending on expensive chocolates buy less pricy ones and wrap them in nice boxes. Think of other creative ways to make gifts for your guest by spending less money.

9.    Ask for discounts- Never feel shy to ask for discounts and you will be surprised to see how many people are willing to give you discount for your big day.

-    Akhila kakarala
 Pic courtesy: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com