Ways To Quit Smoking On World No Tobacco Day

May 31st is marked as World No Tobacco Day by the World Health Organisation. Smoking is one lifestyle habit that has serious health consequences such as heart attacks, cancer, premature aging, chronic bronchitis, risk of respiratory diseases and hence it must be put to an end.

Here are a few ways to quit smoking-

  • Make Your Surroundings Smoke-Free: The first step in order to quit smoking is to make sure your home and surroundings are smoke-free, tell friends and family not to smoke when you are around them and avoid smoking areas.
  • Be Prepared For Challenges: Prepare yourself to face challenges during the first few weeks, which will be the most difficult phase as one would experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
  • Cognitive- Behavioural Therapies: Cognitive Behavioural Therapies will help people to cope with some of the withdrawal symptoms experienced after quitting smoking. Cognitive therapies encourage people to quit smoking by increasing self-confidence, identifying smoking triggers and finding ways to avoid them, teaches ways to cope with stress.
  • Try Medication: There are a few over the counter medications such as nicotine gum and patches that will help people to quit smoking and other medications such as Bupropion and Varenicline are available on prescription.


-Akhila Kakarala
Pic Courtsey: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/6b/No_Smoking.svg