Watch This Touching Video Of Father-Child Bonds

A Vancouver-made video to celebrate Fathers’ Day and the emotional connection between dads and their children urges a more open dialogue between kids and their fathers, no matter the age.
Why is it so hard sometimes to voice how much we really love our family?  Ten fathers and their children were asked to participate in a short video to do just that. The kids, ranging from elementary-school age to grown adults, ask “Dad, what about me makes you proud?”  Standing face-to-face with their kids, the dads' answers run the gamut from heartfelt to silly to silence
The video was part of the #TellThemNow campaign by Echo Storytelling Agency, which was launched to get people showing their true emotions ahead of Father's Day.

The makers say that they “hope it will inspire you to pick up the phone and call your dad. Tell him why you’re grateful; tell him why you’re proud. He might just do the same. So much in life goes unsaid. Vulnerability and gratitude can crack us open in the best of ways. “

..... Devashree Goenka