Watch Beyoncé's new video

Beyoncé sure does love to surprise her fans, and this time she does it again by not just releasing a video to her previously leaked song ‘7/11’ but also by letting her guard down. Beyoncé is seen bouncing, sashaying, twerking and clowning around a hotel room, balcony and bathroom dancing, with her background dancers to the single.
The nearly four-minute clip, Beyoncé and her various compatriots dance in a variety of sweatshirts in a playful and casual way unlike the 34-year-old’s earlier videos. "I put up my hands up, spinning while my hands up," she sings on the track. "Let's move it side to side, smack in the air."
Check out the video of her dancing and moving about below.
P.S. Blue Ivy makes an appearance…see if you can spot her.

-Devashree Goenka