Viva Interiors

Getting the house furnished perfectly without leaving any nook or corner unattended is what everyone looks for. What makes it easier is having all the appliances you need under one roof, which is also less time-consuming. Viva, which has three decades of experience, boasts a diverse range of interior products, working with a skilled professional team that brings designs to life. They provide their clients with flooring, wall treatments, ceilings, hardware, modular kitchens and wardrobe solutions.

Their working process revolves around the theme ‘perfect closure’. Choosing the right product that goes with your design to perfect installations, the process is well charted out, which ensures on-time delivery with updates on upcoming projects.

Their plywood ranges from boiling water-resistant (BWR) to boiling water-proof (BWP). They provide natural and recon veneer, and the wallpapers are both 3D and regular. A wide range of international products from Spain, Italy, Germany and Austria are also available. Swarovski hardware is the specialty, and modular wardrobes and kitchens are available in laminate, veneer, acrylic and glass.

The services Viva provides include home theatre solutions, false ceilings/POP, carpentry, painting and polishing. With all these on offer, it’s a good idea to get down to Viva for your home interior needs.                                                                                       ..... Vatika