Upside-down jeans is the new trend!

Do you always look out for new denim trends? Then you have to check the new upside-down jeans style! It is just the inversion of the waistline and the hem of the denims. It gives a total transformation to your old jeans! This unique and handmade jeans trend is everywhere! While they flatter every body type, with high-waisted design, closed hemline around your waist, and a hidden zipper, it also features waistband and pockets.

Step-by-step DIY for upside-down jeans:

It is simple to make the new upside-down jeans. The process is quite easy! With this new trend, you may want to save the old pair of denim you were planning to throw away, after all!
Things you need:
A pair of old jeans
Needle and thread
Sewing machine

•    Open the inside seam of the jeans of your old jeans

•    Trim off the edges using scissors

•    Invert and fix it with pins

•    Sew the new seams on a sewing machine

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