Ultimate Alpine!

One year after the presentation of the Alpine Vision show car, Alpine revealed their latest car, the A110. Combining the timeless Alpine principles of light weight, agility, and performance, this mid-engined two-seater sports coupe is true to the spirit of its predecessors and in particular, the A110 ‘Berlinette’. The new car is back to claim its position in the sports car segment, with only one promise— driving pleasure.

The A110’s aluminium platform and body are bonded, riveted, and welded to provide an exceptionally rigid yet light structure. Apart from that, it is ultra-light at only 1080kg kerb weight (excluding options). Its compact size (4178mm long, 1798mm wide, and 1252mm high), optimal weight distribution (44% front/ 56% rear) and low centre of gravity are all dedicated to agility – especially on the type of winding mountain road that made Alpine’s reputation back in the 1960s and ‘70s.


Alpine’s mass is also concentrated around the centre of the car, with the fuel tank behind the front axle and the engine in front of the rear axle, enabling the driver to feel at one with the car.
The A110 is equipped with a new 1.8-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged engine developed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Alpine’s engineers, together with Renault Sport, have customised this engine for Alpine, with specific air intake, turbocharger, exhaust system, and engine tune. The engine has a maximum power output of 252 hp and maximum torque of 320 Nm. Combined with the low kerb weight of only 1080 kg, the A110’s excellent power-to-weight ratio of 233 hp: tonne enables the car to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph in only 4.5 seconds.

The engine is mated to a Getrag 7-speed wet clutch DCT gearbox, with gear ratios specifically developed for Alpine to ensure optimal performance at all times. Aided by the intensive use of fluid dynamics simulation, the lightweight, single exit active sports exhaust system in the A110 has been developed for performance and sound quality.

The A110 has three driver modes (Normal, Sport, and Track) in which the engine and gearbox settings, steering, ESC, exhaust note, and driver display are adapted to suit the driving conditions (and the driver’s mood).

In search of a combination of sleek lines and excellent performance, Alpine’s engineers turned to the world of race cars and supercars to optimise the aerodynamics of the A110. With a completely flat floor and functional diffuser under the rear bumper, the A110 combines low drag with significant downforce.

This allows the A110 to reach an electronically limited 155 mph top speed, while retaining a smooth ‘Alpine’ profile - without the need for a rear spoiler. In short, the A110 is as at home in everyday driving as it is on the track.   

                – Source: Renault Press