Two Major Mascara Secret Hacks

Make up is something every woman adores. Mascara makes the eye lashes of a lady beautiful, but, along with using this cosmetic come a bunch of problems because if it is not allowed to dry properly, it spreads!
But now with these 2 hacks to easy mascara, applying mascara should not be that big a problem -.
Tip #1: If you are a first time user, while applying mascara in the bottom lashes, use a tissue. Hold it tight against your cheeks, just below your lashes, and then use the mascara. This way, you not be messing up with the colour of your cheeks, plus, it will help you to colour each lash properly.
Tip #2: Now to clean up all the smudges and spreads of the mascara, after applying it. All you have to do is use an ear bud to flake off the excess smudges. The best part about mascara is that it just rolls off when it is wet. So, flake off the excess parts, to see the mascara work perfectly on the lashes.