Twinkle Khanna dishes out tips on how to write well

Twinkle Khanna dishes out tips on how to write well

The Legend Of Lakshmi Prasad, published by Juggernaut Books is Twinkle Khanna’s latest book that is touted to be a great read on people and lives in small-town rural India. Khanna, who tried her hand at acting but in her recent interview with Koffee with Karan, said that she was horrible at her job has given a leading Indian publication about her tips to write well:

1.Read everything you can get your hands on: Programme your mind to read all the time and everywhere—even in the bathroom, skim through the lines printed on the back of shampoo bottles and sanitary napkin packets.

2.Eat carbohydrates: All these protein diets may help you twirl prettily in a size-2 dress but if you want your mind to take a few marvelous leaps then you have to give it the food it needs.

3.Live in the world of probabilities: Examine things with a magnifying glass made up only of what-ifs.

4.Find a tolerant family: These kind folk must accept the fact that you may sit at your desk for hours at a time while spouting vague excuses like ‘I will come out later, it’s too hot’ or ‘Don’t come close, there are insects on my desk!’

5.Walk, run, cycle: When you live inside your head for such long periods of time, you have to open the windows, air it out a bit, let sunlight stream into all the dark and dusty corners of your mind.

6.Relish being an oddball: Well-behaved, well-adjusted people are hopeless storytellers and, honestly, terribly boring

- Suneela Kirloskar